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The Zeta Team has released a new update to Project X: Love Potion Disaster, which includes not only a new playable stage and new animations but also monkey futanaris.

The Sonic the Hedgehog fandom can be scary at times, especially when it comes to porn of the characters. A search at DeviantArt for that would scare most people away after a few clicks. Those that kept looking have to wade through hundreds of fetishes and thousands of original characters to find those few gems that stand out among all the pictures.

The Zeta Team has now been at work on their game, Project X: Love Potion Disaster, for over 4 years. Previous updates involved refining bits and pieces of the gameplay or adding new characters and modes. Now, with the 7.4 update, they have added in a new stage complete with an entire tribe of raptor-riding, futanari tribesmen. Yes, that does sound quite silly, but do remember that this is in the Sonic the Hedgehog fan universe.

Whats done:

– Stage 5 – Stage 5 Cutscenes. – AI modifications. – Improved performance and less Memory usage. – Lag problem in the Mansion of Stage 4 fixed. – Minor graphic bug fixed. – Balanced the speed of Blaze in her 3rd and 4th hits of her combo to make them more quick.


Stage 5 is all full and complete, with 3 acts and the boss zone. Due the fact that I’m going to remake the Gallery mode for the next release, I didn’t updated the existing one with the Stage 5, I would have to make lots of work to delete them soon. So, I’m sorry for that. Because the gallery and Boss gallery aren’t updated, I didn’t find fair to the players updating the Arena and Boss Rush either. Dboy is the artist who colaborates with us to make the animated Game Overs, he was very busy, but he will do them as soon as he can. The next release will be centered in the new Gallery Mode and the update animations for Blaze and Cream. Again, sorry if there is no Gallery Mode, but I really wanted to make the release now, it has been a long time.

Project X: Love Potion Disaster is free to download from their website in its entirety. Even if Sonic the Hedgehog porn may not appeal to you, there is a laundry list of different fetishes the game includes, and perhaps just one of those will tickle that special part of your body. There are still a few bugs in this release, such as a slight feedback on some stage music or minor graphical inconsistencies. As this game is still in its alpha stage, these bugs may happen frequently. Keep that in mind while playing.

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