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Pre-Orders Are Now Open on J-List for Kurehito Misaki's Alice Figure

Pre-orders are now open on J-List for Kurehito Misaki’s 1/6 Alice figure.

Sky Tube has been coming out with a ton of high quality cuties lately. You may have already heard about the one we’re speaking of today, as it’s been garnering a lot of attention. Without further ado, let’s discuss the 1/6 scale Alice figure by Kurehito Misaki.

Sculpted by Hiro, this figure is based on Kurehito Misaki’s lewd interpretation of Alice from Alice in Wonderland. His illustration donned the cover for issue 232 of Comic Aun back in 2015. It features Alice wearing a very revealing version of her dress, with her panties pulled down for our viewing pleasure. If pulled down panties don’t let you see enough, her clothes are removable to reveal even more of her female form. Thanks to veteran figure company Sky Tube, we get to enjoy this flat-chested cutie in full 3D.

In addition to the work and detail of the character herself, she also comes with a cute base. The base features some Halloween treats, along with a Jack-o-lantern that houses a small, battery powered LED, which allows it to light up.


This item ships via EMS Express only – Thank you for your understanding

Misaki Kurehito’s ecchi rendition of Alice from Alice in Wonderland is here in figure form! This 1/6th scale figure of Alice has her in a provocative version of her dress, and lifting up her skirt with panties down for us to get a good view. Her clothes are cast-off capable and you can put a small LED light inside the jack-o’-lantern to make it glow. A super sexy figure that is definitely NSFW. By Sky Tube.

Alice stands at about 10 inches (25.5cm.) She’s $185 on J-List, and comes with a 10% pre-order discount. This figure is expected to released in February 2018, and quantities are limited.

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