Putting the D in the double D.

Love in Space and Sekai Project have brought the idol-themed visual novel, Shining Song Starnova, to Kickstarter.

Love In Space, a San Diego-based developer and creator of the Sunrider series, has been working on their idol-themed visual novel, Shining Song Starnova. Now, with the help of Sekai Project and Kickstarter, they are looking to put the final touches on this title, as well as bring it to digital platforms and even have a physical release.

About the Game:


The girls of STARNOVA signed on to become idols thinking they will become the shining stars of their own fairytales.

Instead, they found themselves trapped in a cutthroat business where only the strongest could survive. In this messed up world where sex and drama are the only two things that sell, the girls quickly realized the idol business was nothing like what was shown on television.

YOU are MR. PRODUCER, and find yourself newly in charge of these seven hopelessly flawed would-be idols. Will the eight of you successfully navigate the industry and become the greatest idols in the nation? Or will everything come crashing down in a BAD END?

This is the story of STARNOVA! A grand pageant of idols! A beautiful comeback story of how seven washed up idols challenged the greatest idol unit in the nation!

There are seven different routes – one for each heroine. The full game clocks in at around 500,000 words. It’ll be available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The Denpasoft and Nutaku versions of the game will also feature animations for… certain images.

You can play the common route right now to give you a good idea of what the final product has in store. Get the Steam Version here or the Denpasoft Version here. Both versions have some nudity, but the Denpasoft version has an unlockable H-scene.


Once the project is funded, the game will be released on Steam, Nutaku, and Denpasoft. The Steam version will have a free downloadable patch to restore the adult content. All backers will get both Steam and Denpasoft keys. Backing at even $1 will allow you access to Backerkit, which will grant you the opportunity to build your own reward tier via add-ons.  The standard tiers include the following rewards, some which are tier exclusive:

The Shining Song Starnova Kickstarter has about 25 days left to go and is already sitting at just over 50% funded. You can visit the campaign page for more details. More information about Love In Space can be found on their Patreon page. The game will be available for PC, Mac, and Linux, and the Kickstarter rewards are scheduled to be delivered by August 2018.

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