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Sekai Project and Denpasoft have updated ChronoClock to remove the title’s mosaic censoring.

Sekai Project brings us tons of localized visual novels, and for that, most fans are truly grateful; however, there’s one sticking point that many people understandably get hung up on — mosaic censoring in adult games. Fortunately, back in May, Sekai Project announced that they were getting some “demosaiced assets” for the Kickstarter-funded visual novel, ChronoClock.


On August 8th, those mosaic-free images were patched into the game and made available for download. You can read the full post below for details:

Hey everyone,

An update for the Denpasoft and Nutaku versions of the game has been released which removes the mosaic censoring. It’s a free update, however, you’ll need to re-download the game from your platform of choice.

Now that that’s complete, we’re going to work on delivering the rest of the digital rewards and beginning preliminary production for the physical goods. We appreciate your patience and support, and hope you enjoy this new version of ChronoClock!

That’s great news for fans, but as mentioned, you will need to re-download the game, not just get a patch. This is where is gets a tad bit more complicated. If you got the game from Nutaku, then you will most likely be able to re-download without issue; if you got it from Denpasoft, there may be a bit more leg work involved.

Last month, Denpasoft’s website got some updates. These updates made it so that you couldn’t re-download old purchases if you didn’t have the necessary links. With that being said, if you obtained ChronoClock before the site switch, as most Kickstarter backers probably did, then you may need to contact Denpasoft to regain access to that link. Details were outlined in a blog post on their site. There, you will find the support email to contact them if you are affected. There were over 1,200 KS backers and many later buyers that could all be in the same boat. Try to keep that in mind, as they do seem to be experiencing delays in getting back with everyone.

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