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Gunma Kisaragi's 1/4.5 Scale Kyoka Tsuzuki Figure is Now Available For Pre-Order From J-list

Today in figure land, we are taking a look at an exceptionally lewd figure and her variant form. The figure we have here is the 1/4.5 scale Kyoka Tsuzuki figure by Gunma Kisaragi.

Once again, we have a famous hentai artist whose art was brought into the third dimension. Thanks to sculptor Kobayashi Masaaki, we have a statue of Kyoka Tsuzuki. She’s an original character created by Gunma Kisaragi, who is also known for the Love Selection series, among others. The pictures we have here are for both the standard version, and the tanned “bitch” (slut) version.

The standard version shows Kyoka Tsuzuki with her cute, innocent smile and dark socks; however, the tanned version displays her with an ahegao facial expression and some sexy tan-lines. Both of these figures are cast-off, allowing you to remove her panties, and if the pictures are any indication, both versions come with disembodied, cumming cocks.


We love the artistic works of Gunma Kisaragi, and not just because the talented hentai artist and doujinshi creator is from our home prefecture of Gunma, we also love the incredible illustrations he makes… And now figures! This is a new cast-off figure of Kyoka Tsuzuki, his character from a popular comic, and it’s great to see the realism this figure has been imbibed with. Touch her breasts, gasped at her beautifully detailed face and hair, and when you’re ready, move aside or completely remove the panties for a fully detailed view. 1/4.5 scale, and huge!

Both versions of the Kyoka Tsuzuki figure are scheduled to arrive this year. J-list shows an August release date, while some news sites have reported it is being delayed until September. In any case, these figures are going to be a limited run, so now’s your chance to get in an order if interested. Each figure sits at 16.5 cm (6.44 in) in height and will cost $210.00. The regular version and the tanned version can both be found on J-list, and as always, they come with a 10% pre-order discount.

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