...the fuck?

Elisar Studio is working on Threads of Destiny, an erotic RPG where you play as a man trying to train his beautiful catgirl slave.

Elisar Studio’s first large scale project, Threads of Destiny, has been stated by the developers to be an attempt at creating an RPG of some scale. The game follows a story based around a mysterious hooded man who finds himself the owner of a catgirl slave. The title takes place in a world that once had magic that lost it all in some kind of cataclysm.

The game is being made in the RPG Maker MV engine. On the team’s page they cite a number of planned ambitious features that they want to include in the game, such as an economic system designed to manage elements such as large army battles and an entire system of slave buying and trading. Other features mentioned in the planned features segment include a 2000 page story count, more then 50 drawn characters, and more then 50 zones with a further five to ten locations per zone.

In terms of sexual content, much of it is derived from the sex slave system that the game has. One of the main points that the creators hammer home on their Patreon is the idea that rather then randomly generated characters, buy-able slaves will be pre-generated characters with unique storylines and personalities. The creative team for the game has plans for large amounts of fetishistic content, and the following is a list of kinks that they explicitly point too.


-Creampie, Milk/lactation, Golden Showers (Pissing)

-Orgy, Incest, Anal, Toys, Group sex

-Big Boobs/Big tits

-Bondage&Disciрline, BDSM/Rape, Pet/Pet-play

-Exhibitionism, Public Sex, Voyeurism

-Futanari, Tentacles

-Demon girls, Teachers/Students, Maids, Monster Girls, Elfs, Muscle Girls, Latex

The current public demo of the game as of the time of writing is v0.1.1, while the latest patron-only build is v0.2a. The Elisar Studio team consists of Devian as writer and graphic designer, Agnessa as the editor and sound designer, and Julliana as the game’s English translator.

Players can get an opportunity to try out the latest build of Threads of Destiny by skipping on over to the Elisar Studio Patreon page.

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