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Song of Memories Details Virtual Reality Segments

Developers of the ecchi rhythm game/visual novel, Song of Memories, have shared a few videos showcasing VR technology.

Originally released in Japan on April of this year on the PlayStation 4, Song of Memories is adventure galge heavily-themed around music and rhythm. The game’s story involves a peculiar virus only affecting women and the protagonist — together with the game’s heroine — trying to figure out the mystery behind the infections.

You can read the translated details of the story, system, and characters provided by gaming publication Gematsu below.


The ultimate choice. A story that plays a song.

Minato Kamishiro is a high school student living in the city of Utanami. He lost both of his parents at an early age and lives alone with his little sister Fuuka, but he is also surrounded by his many classmates at school and lives an ordinary, but enjoyable student life.

Lately on television and in the newspapers, it has been reported that there is a virus prevalent overseas in which “the body slowly changes into a strange form, those infected lose their sense of reason, and in the end they become violent,” and there have been rumors going around that even in Japan the infected have started to appear in major cities. But for many people these news stories of those of a distant world, and the protagonist too doesn’t react to these topics with a sense of reality.

One day, Minato’s childhood friend, a girl named Kanon Hiiragi, moves in with Minato and Fuuka. Kanon, whose body has been frail since childhood, was admitted to an overseas hospital and was unable to go outside, but recently began feeling better and was transferred to a hospital in Japan. Because her condition improved, she attends Minato’s school, but as she is worried about being alone, seems to be living in a way that she goes back and forth between Minato’s house and the hospital. Kanon also lost both of her parents several years earlier, and Minato and Fuuka, who both have sympathy for and a sense of closeness to her, gladly welcome her in.

After Kanon moved in, Minato, who was helping her put all of her luggage in order, notices a strangely shaped smartphone in her luggage. However, Kanon herself doesn’t recognize the smartphone, and doesn’t understand how it could have gotten there. Still not understanding the situation well, Minato holds on to the smartphone to examine it. While messing around with it, Minato notices an app on the device called “Dream 4 You.” When he starts it up, five girls suddenly appear on the screen and talk to Minato. “If danger draws near, call upon us. We will rise to protect you,” they said. Without understanding their words well, Minato nods.

Even after Kanon starts living with Minato, his everyday life is still as tranquil as ever, but from around the time a woman named Akira Tabunoki, who calls herself a “medical care-related investigator,” begins to hover about around them, Minato’s daily life gradually starts to collapse…


Kanon Hiiragi

Voiced by Kaede Hondo Height: 158cm Weight: 50kg Age: 17 Occupation: Second-year high school student Ending Song: “Song of Memories”

The protagonist’s childhood friend. Ever since she was a young she had spent most of her time in the hospital due to her weak constitution, but because of that difficult experience she is kind and considerate towards anyone and everyone. Since she spent much of her life eating nothing but hospital food, she has a weakness for convenience store sweets.

Fuuka Kamishiro

Voiced by Mai Fuchigami Height: 153cm Weight: 47kg Age: 14 Occupation: Second-year middle school student Ending Song: “Kakegae no Nai Mono”

The protagonists younger sister by three years. She has a boyish appearance and personality, and always says “boku” (“boku” is a masculine pronoun for “I” in Japanese). She likes cosplay and wearing Gothic Lolita-style clothing. After her parents passed away, she became skilled at housework and cooking as she lives with and mutually helps her lovable non-blood-related brother.

Akira Tabunoki

Voiced by Yui Sakakibara Height: 164cm Weight: 50kg Age: 25 Occupation: International medical institution agent Ending Song: “Yagate Otozureru Kisetsu”

A mysterious woman who calls herself the city investigator. Enveloped in a strict aura, she is very logical and serious to the point of being rather stiff. She ends up wandering around the protagonist and his friends, occasionally making contact, but her goal is unknown. She seems to harbor resentment against the virus, but…?

Yuno Wakatsuki

Voiced by Yui Horie Height: 161cm Weight: 47kg Age: 17 Occupation: Second-year high school student Ending Song: “Tsuki dake ga Shitteiru”

The protagonist’s childhood friend. Possessing excellent motor skills, she has the ability to compete in national tournaments for rhythmic sports gymnastics. She is something of an idol at school for having a Swedish mother and an extraordinary figure, but she is actually a masochistic introvert who will do whatever good people tell her to. She is affectionate towards the protagonist since he doesn’t make a fuss over her appearance.

Satsuki Tsushima

Voiced by Ayane Sakura Height: 154cm Weight: 46kg Age: 18 Occupation: Third-year high school student Ending Song: “36°C no Real”

The protagonist’s senpai. As Yuno’s self-proclaimed manager, everyday when club activities start she drives away the male students who gather around Yuno. She has a certain aura where others don’t come near her. When she opens her mouth she says abusive things, so male students fear her, but she also has a gentle side she only shows to the protagonist. She enjoys spending time alone at the arcade instead of going home.

Natsume Kurihara

Voiced by Sayaka Senbongi Height: 156cm Weight: 46kg Age: 16 Occupation: First-year high school student

The protagonist’s kouhai. She has a cute appearance, pays attention to everyone, is kind, and is the mascot-esque character that eases the tension. She is worried about getting fat, so she likes to talk about dieting. She has a habit of disappearing when you aren’t looking, but conversely will suddenly appear before you, and is both nonchalant and evasive.


Voiced by Kaoru Hayano Height: 159cm Weight: 47kg Age: 16

The leader of Dream 4 You. She isn’t shy around anyone and always uses casual speech, but still understands courtesy. She likes video games.


Voiced by Yuuka Ueno Height: 154cm Weight: 46.5kg Age: 17

A member of Dream 4 You. She is an upbeat, Kansai dialect-speaking comedic “straight-man.” She has a determined spirit, but as she likes great delusion, can’t stop when she enters delusion mode. She likes collecting stuffed animals.


Voiced by Misaki Suzuki Height: 161cm Weight: 50kg Age: 19

A member of Dream 4 You. With the personality of a small devil, she loves causing mischief. At her core she is a sly girl who likes to use “boku,” but when danger approaches the protagonist’s party she is more serious than anyone. She likes great horror.


Voiced by Yuubi Midorikawa Height: 165cm Weight: 51kg Age: 19

A member of Dream 4 You. She is very kind and helpful to everyone, and is like a big sister. She is a healer. She seems to like drawing pictures, but doesn’t show them.


Voiced by Yui Hasegawa Height: 160cm Weight: 48kg Age: 16

A member of Dream 4 You. Contrary to her cool appearance, she is a sweet tsundere. Typically she is tough, but sometimes she acts very affectionate. She also has an otaku side to her, as she likes video games and anime.


E-Mote System

Song of Memories introduces a system called “E-Mote” to animate 2D illustrations.

Song of Memories is an adventure game in which conversation scenes and event CG are always animated, which sweeps away the feeling of it being your standard photo drama. It feels just like watching a TV animation with its camera work and sense of distance with the protagonist, talking characters, their reactions to the conversation, and so on.

You will no doubt be captivated by these lively characters!

Around System

The “Around System,” through which you’ll enjoy conversation while walking alongside the heroines, is a lively event of greater moe than the main story.

Even with just the “Around System” alone, the average volume of a single character’s individual route is plentiful. Enjoy conversations with your favorite character, just the two of you!


Kanon Hiiragi

“To You” “Song of Memories” Fuuka Kamishiro

“Kakegae no Nai Mono”

Akira Tabunoki

“Yagate Otozureru Kisetsu” “Samayoi no Despair” “Kimi dake no Sunshine”

Yuno Wakatsuki

“Tsuki dake ga Shitteiru” Satsuki Tsushima

“36°C no Real”

Natsume Kurihara



“Hoshi Kimi” Dream 4 You

“Maze” “Continue or Not” “Song of Memories”

Misaki (Dream 4 You)

“Resolve!” “Singing Breeze” “Subliminal Melody”

Tsukasa (Dream 4 You)

“Beyond the Wave” “Kiseki no Suimen” “Suiren no Labyrinth”

Azumi (Dream 4 You)

“Cheer Up!” “Futari no Symphony” “Kimi dake no Sunshine”

Karin (Dream 4 You)

“Kimi no Moto he” “Dream Vision” “Trail Contrail”

Riko (Dream 4 You)

“Lightning Heart” “Save the Soul” “Raiko -raiko-“

Recently, Pure Wish has showcased a few virtual reality presentation videos, showing the kind of technology the developers want to feature in their future game projects. You can view all of them below.

The North American and European PlayStation 4 releases of Song of Memories are planned for this fall. A Switch version supporting English and French languages is currently in development with a planned 2017 release. A PC version with the same supported languages is due to come out sometime in 2018.

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