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TeamKrama is taking a crack at a not-so-typical genre of adult game, a first person shooter. Take a look at what they’ve created with Rape of the Dead.

When it comes to hentai games, you typically see RPGs, puzzle games, simulators, and the staple genres, visual novels. First-person shooters are a rare occurrence in the sweeping sea of smut. TeamKrama decided to take a crack at this genre in their game, Rape of the Dead.

Built in Unreal Engine 4, Rape of the Dead puts players in the role of a random survivor in a zombie apocalypse. They will fight alongside the spoiled rich girl, Kirara, a student named Hikari, and the intelligent and beautiful Aya. With your AI team, you must blast your way through waves of the undead and other monsters, who wish to kill and/or rape your team.

While most of the game is a simple shooter, there are other elements to break up the monotony. It has a story, which is told via short visual novel-like sections. There is also a sex minigame, in which players strip down their teammates and have sex with them for mutual health regeneration. Finally, if you’re truly sadistic, you can watch as monsters rape your downed allies and eventually kill them in brutal ways. There is one more, hidden mode which exists outside of the normal gameplay. It unlocks randomly after getting a Game Over in the demo and lets you have sex with Hikari, while adjusting the camera for a good view.

Currently, Rape of the Dead is entirely in Japanese, with a planned summer 2017 release for 1,980 yen. They hope to release an English version if they can garner enough support to pay for a translation. You can find the demo on TeamKrama’s website. More information and content can be found on their Patreon page. Supporters get access to polls, videos, and other behind the scenes looks at the game’s development.

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