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2B Reveals a Bit More Skin With the Mostly Nude Mod

A modder has made 2B’s Revealing Outfit DLC a tad bit more revealing with his Mostly Nude Mod.

A modder going by the name of xxsjxx has posted a new mod for 2B from Nier: Automata. This mod dubbed the “Mostly Nude Mod,” makes some adjustments to a DLC outfit, allowing 2B to appear almost naked.

The original post can be found on UNDERTOWCLUB. Within it, the modder discusses how the mod was created, and the instructions for installing it. One person pointed out that part of the Mostly Nude Mod simply colors a ribbon to match 2B’s skin tone, and it’s rather obvious. Hopefully, there will be some edits to the mod in time. For now, you can read the full post below:


Download here: https://www.mediafire.com/?sa7ckwr830c18j6

Feel free to share, repost, modify this crap mod wherever you want.

1. 1. Extract the RAR file

2. 2. Place the data folder inside location of your game.

As xxsjxx mentioned, this mod requires the “Revealing Outfit” costume for 2B. This is part of a DLC bundle which can be found on Steam for $13.99. You can access the Mediafire download link on the original post, or go here  to grab the mod. The Mostly Nude Mod is based on maliwei777 ‘s partial nude mod, which we covered previously.

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