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Erotic parody doujinshi manga creator YamamotoDoujinshi has released a short adventure game based on Dragon Ball, called BULMA ADVENTURE, THE KAME ISLAND on the English version of DLsite.

After releasing several erotic doujinshi manga parodying some of the most popular manga and anime series out there, YamamotoDoujinshi has decided to try his hand at game development with BULMA ADVENTURE, THE KAME ISLAND.

BULMA ADVENTURE, THE KAME ISLAND is a simple exploration game starring a teenage version of Dragon Ball’s beautiful, but selfish genius scientist, Bulma, on her search to find Dragon Balls. The player controlling Bulma has to navigate a small island and find all seven of the wish-granting orbs using the Dragon Radar while fighting other familiar Dragon Ball characters in a game of rock, paper and scissors. As everyone has the hots for the young genius inventor, Bulma will be gradually stripped naked and eventually raped in a short animated scene should she lose the game.

You can view the game’s trailer in Japanese and glance at a few sample screenshots below.

You can now purchase the English version of BULMA ADVENTURE, THE KAME ISLAND on the English version of DLsite for $11.90. A short demo with one animated erotic scene is also available to download here.

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