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School student council comedy eroge Wagamama High Spec has been released on Steam and Denpasoft.

Originally released in Japan in April 2016 by madosoft, Wagamama High Spec is a school-based comedy visual novel about Narumi Kouki, a high school student, and a weekly serialized mangaka. As the manga he draws is a risque comedic series, he keeps his profession a secret from everyone else apart from his sister and her friend. One day, Rokuonji Kaoruko, a female student searching for male members for the school’s student council, finds out that Kouki is the manga’s author and has him join the council lest she reveals his secret.

The visual novel has received a 12-episode ecchi comedy anime in 2016 and the game’s sequel is set to come out in Japan in August of this year.

To find out more about the game’s story and characters be sure to read the following information below and check out a few sample screencaps from the game itself.


Narumi Kouki: the game’s protagonist; a student and also a manga author whose work is serialized in a weekly magazine.

Because the series he writes is a fairly risqué love comedy, he hasn’t told anyone else around him about his manga work. Only Toa and Mihiro know.

One day, by a strange turn of events, he discovers that the school’s Student Council President, Rokuonji Kaoruko, is actually the illustrator for his manga.

As the Student Council President was just searching for a male member for the Student Council, he is persuaded into joining. Because he has a secret to keep, he joins on the condition that his manga work be kept confidential.

However, the Vice President, Ashe, who doesn’t know about his circumstances, is vehemently against his joining. In the midst of all this, the students’ requests and problems keep on pouring in…



The non-adult version Wagamama High Spec is now available on Steam  for the discounted launch price of $31.99 ($39.99). The 18+ edition with slight mosaic censorship is available on Denpasoft for $35.99 ($44.99).

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