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[UPDATE] Shirikodama Launches Kickstarter to Help Publish The Readable Eye Anthology

Independent publisher Shirikodama is looking toward Kickstarter for help in publishing the ero monster girl series, The Readable Eye Anthology.

[UPDATE – ] The Readable Eye Anthology was successfully funded on 7/14/2017 with 41 hours remaining. As of this update, they have raised $21,001 with 28 hours left for anyone who wants to take part. [/UPDATE]

Monster girls have recently been gaining popularity in anime and hentai alike. A new publishing company called Shirikodama Publishing wants to bring even more to the mix by publishing the English edition of The Readable Eye Anthology. To make this dream a reality, Shirikodama has turned to Kickstarter for support. The company is looking to raise $20,000 to cover the costs. If they are successful, Shirikodama will bring The Readable Eye Anthology to English-speaking audiences, fully uncensored and with some improvements, like additional pages and completely new cover art.

If the project surpasses their original goal, Shirikodama has just one stretch goal at $25,000. This amount will allow them to print The Readable Eye Anthology with a thicker matte cover that is spot varnished, as well thicker paper for the book pages. For every $5000 raised beyond this, $1,000 will go directly to toe artist, morisugi.

Backers of this project can expect to receive various rewards for their aid. Some of the rewards on offer include digital and physical copies of the The Readable Eye Anthology, postcards, a t-shirt, your name on the credits page, and even a fidget spinner. There was also a limited reward featuring original, signed artwork, but as of this moment, it’s no longer available.

Shirikodama has less than a week remaining to make an English release of The Readable Eye Anthology a reality, so visit their Kickstarter page if you’d like to help them out.

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