Going in dry

Studio has released a new interactive animation, featuring Fiora Laurent from League of Legends, titled Fiora: Blood Ties.

Studio FOW has just released another interactive adult title, Fiora: Blood Ties. This title isn’t so much a game, as it is a series of animations which are presented as a sort of “dinner menu.” Players get to select from a list of fine dining options and then enjoy the sequence as it unfolds. Since this is Studio FOW we’re talking about here, expect a lot of hardcore non-consensual action, up to and including sex with a giant insect.

The story behind Blood Ties is one of betrayal and revenge. Fiora Laurent, the famous duelist from League of Legends, has betrayed her family in a misguided attempt at justice. Having ruined the lives of many of her relatives and past supporters, she find herself the target of an insidious plot. Once the plan is set, Fiora drinks some poisoned wine and falls victim to the will of her attackers. From that point on, Fiora is passed back and forth between men, as they make use of her body in any way they please. After the party is done, her brother still has other plans for her.

In addition to the main scenes in Blood Ties, there are some hidden bonus scenes that can be accessed via the main menu. Blood Ties is listed as a beta, so there may be even more content coming. Being as this is a Studio FOW title, they made sure to give it the full Studio FOW treatment by providing full voice acting for the dialogue.

You can play Blood Ties for free on NewGrounds . If you want to check out more from Studio FOW, you can head over to their Patreon. Supporters will have access to various other content, including GIFs of Blood Ties’ star girl, Fiora.

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