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Sexy castle siege game, Genkai Tokki: Castle Panzers, had its official page updated with new gameplay information detailing new battle styles and more.

Japanese developer Compile Heart has revealed a significant amount of new information about their upcoming ecchi castle siege RPG, Genkai Tokki: Castle Panzers. The new information details combat styles, battle basics including the usage of Action Points and party commands.

Western gaming publication Gematsu has translated all the fine gameplay details from the official website, and you can read them below.


The heroines of Genkai Tokki: Castle Panzers can change their battle “style” based on the underwear they’re wearing, such as to specialize in close-range fighting or to excel in magic. In addition to styles set beforehand, you can also change styles during battle by changing underwear.

If you missed it, read up on the Venus Style and Knight Style here.

Gunner Style

A rear guard style that focuses on long-distance physical attacks. It can attack from long distances with a gun, as well as fight away from the action through monster girl summons. It can summon high ranking monster girls. It covers both the Venus and Knight styles, which fight as vanguards, from the rear with gun-based attacks and monster girl summons.

Witch Style

A rear guard style that focuses on long-distance magical attacks. It can summon every rank of monster girl. Rather than deal damage to the enemy’s HP, its standard attacks restore MP, and it attacks and provides support through monster girl summons. Since this is the style with the highest magical attack power of the four styles, it is particularly effective against enemies where physical attacks are less effective.

■ Battle Basics

Action Points (AP)

Heroines abide by the turn order and take action when their turn arrives.

At the start of the turn, the Action Points (AP) gauge will charge. Heroines consume AP through actions such as movements and attacks. Every action uses a set amount of AP, and you may take any number of actions until you run out.

You can end your turn at any time. The more AP you have at the end of your turn, the lesser the wait until your next turn.

The amount of AP consumed for each style’s standard attack differs. Since the Venus Style’s single blow is weak, it consumes a low amount of AP, allowing you to attack multiple times. The Knight Style’s standard attack, on the other hand, consumes a lot of AP, but a single blow is strong.


By consuming AP, you can use the “Item,” “Summon,” and “Cannon Shot” commands.


Use items such as those for recovery on yourself and your party.


Summon a monster girl you have befriended to attack, heal, etc. This consumes Muramura Points (MP, “muramura” means to be aroused). Each monster girl has a set summon rank, and depending on the style in use, the rank you can summon differs. The Witch Style can summon all ranks of monster girls, but the Knight Style cannot summon any, for example.

—Cannon Shot

Fires a cannon shot from the castle. When your MP reaches its max, you can use a Cannon Shot by consuming it all. Since it is basically a special move, it has tremendous power and is particularly effective at destroying large obstacles such as castle gates. When a Canon Shot ends, the protagonist shifts to “sage time” and you cannot use another Canon Shot for a fixed number of turns.

Genkai Tokki: Castle Panzers’ Japanese release is set for the 28th of September later this year. Currently, there is no word of a Western release happening.

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