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Keehu is Creating a Side-scrolling Platformer RPG Seven Kings

Independent developer Keehu has released a proof of concept demo for his side-scrolling platforming RPG, Seven Kings.

Seven Kings is a new 2D side-scrolling RPG platformer with 18+ erotic content currently in early development. The sole creator of the title, Keehu, is planning to create a game near and dear to his love for old-school platforming action games, like Metroid or Castlevania, while also injecting a healthy dose of sexual content into it.

The overall premise of Seven Kings is simple. The female protagonist ventures through a medieval-like world trying to take down seven evil rulers set on tormenting, abusing and killing those they mercilessly rule over.

As far as fetishes included go, Keehu intends to feature gender bending, bestiality, and futanari prominently, but is also open to fan feedback about his game’s future sex content. Keehu has also revealed some future plans when it comes to in-game content.

3+ towns/hubs. Each one has a ton of things to do, people to interact with and side-quests to do!

7+ stages and kings. The stages are filled with dangerous enemies, traps, and worse of all Kings. They are brutal bosses which will not think twice about doing naughty and

potentially life-ending things to you.

No ‘lose to get hentai’ mechanics. These just suck, I hate them, and you will not be seeing them here!

Classic platforming gameplay. You will feel right at home if you’re a fan of games like Castlevania, Metroid, and so many great others!

A ton of character races. Demons, humans, orcs, and tentacles are but a few of the planned character designs!

You check out a few screenshots from the demo just below this paragraph.

The demo, as mentioned before, is very basic and only showcases a few basic functions of the game and includes a sex scene with a gargoyle-like demon. The demo is available now on the PC and can be downloaded here . If you would like to follow the continued development or support Keehu in his creative process, you can check out his Patreon account by following this link.

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