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Lecherous Village Building Simulator Virgin Lode Now on DLsite

Village building simulator eroge Virgin Lode, by circle peperoncino, has been released on the English version of DLsite.

Circle peperoncino’s newest English release eroge tasks the player with taking on the role of an exiled bishop establishing his domain in a remote village and seizing all the power and women for himself. At its core, Virgin Lode is a village building and management game in which you build a small, but sprawling village, increase its population, protect it from invaders and lastly, take whatever you wish from your vassals. That, of course, also means the virginities of all the village maidens.

Take the role of an immoral bishop and r*pe the pure, impregnate them and then place them on trial as witches!

Your misdeeds came to light and as a result you are exiled to a remote region of the land. In vengeance and to reclaim your authority, use your nun-slave Aria and manage the region. Protect the town from bandits and foreigners, develop it, create your very own parish and violate the woman that live there. Females, Wealth, Revenge, Authority… Everything you desire… Can you attain it…!?

* The favorite past time of a corrupt bishop: To R*PE virgins! Especially those that are just before their marriage… Blackmail and humiliate them. Take their chastity before they can devote it to their husbands to be!

* Confine the heroines under the pretense of “Witch Trials”! Use your authority to play with their lives like pawns in a game.

* PLEASURE TORMENT! Is what awaits the heroines that are confined by you…

* Cuckery > Insemination! You can make any of the heroine wives to be pregnant! Continue to r*pe them right under the noses of their husbands. Subdue both their hearts and bodies into obedience and gift them with your white creamy blessing.

* Develop the domain you are in charge of! A region managing simulation game with building phases! Defend the citizens, increase population, receive tribute and… exploit!?

* Plenty of erotic situations to boot! Something for everyone with a virgin taking theme.

Virgin Lode boasts 13 different heroines to bang and exploit, 10 different possible endings and over 70 varied erotics scenes.

To supplement your viewing experience, be sure to take a look below for a few sample screenshots and a gameplay trailer for the Japanese version of the game.

You can now purchase the English PC version of Virgin Lode on the English version of DLsite  for $16.80. A Japanese demo for the game can also be downloaded by following this link. The game contains limited voice acting for the playable female character.

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