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Solve Puzzles to Avoid an Untimely Death in To the Light

A new title has recently popped up on Steam. Since it’s tagged with nudity and sexual content, we knew we had to cover it. This game is none other than Z GOD’s To the Light.

To the Light puts players in the role of a young woman who must solve various puzzles to escape from and defeat monsters. While there is some semblance of a story, the game itself has no text. All of the story is told through visuals. Everything is packaged together with a mix of traditional and sprite based art, with a retro-styled soundtrack.


Who am I ?

where I am ?

I saw evil and ghost when I open my eyes….

I felt very scared in this silent world ……

Is anyone here?

Did I do something wrong?

Who can help me?

My God!

Give me an answer , please

# game features

To The Light is a pixel anime horror ACT game

In the game, you will not see any dialogue or text

All the stories and scene are expressed in pictures and other ways

Easy control and many secret rooms are waiting for you!

You need to deal with some puzzles, play with little games, escape or defeat horror monsters

and help our heroine escape from those demon’s room!

To the light ! We TOGETHER!

Shortly after the To the Light’s launch, there were complaints that it was too difficult. In response, Z GOD has issued a patch to lower the difficulty. If that wasn’t enough, they then went ahead and created a post on the Steam Forums with access to a walk through and a special save file that allows for invincibility in the game. Additionally, the post mentions how the game can be played fully uncensored without the use of a patch.

You can purchase To the Light on Steam for $7.19 during the launch week sale. After that, it goes back up to $11.99. This game is only available for Windows platforms.

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