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Studio FOW Releases Lara’s Nightmare

Fans of Tomb Raider and bestiality alike will be interested to hear that Studio Fow has brought the two of them together in a new animation. Watch Lara Croft get down on all fours and do the dirty with a doggy in Lara’s Nightmare.

Just as the title implies, Lara’s Nightmare is about a trauma induced fever dream that Lara has as a result of constant torture. Witness Lara as she submits to a dog and his throbbing red rocket, while an eager audience watches her from behind the bars of her cell. As she pleads for the dog to not cum inside and begs forgiveness from her father, she wakes up. Fortunately for her, it was all a dream. At least, this time it was.

Yamatai Island

After many days and nights of endless humiliation, torture and unspeakable depravity…this was the worst of it all. Lara Croft knelt on all fours, collared and helpless. Her blistered palms flat against the smooth stone surface of her makeshift prison. All around her, men and beast alike bayed with uncontrollable frenzy. She shut her eyes in a vain attempt to blink it all away. It didn’t work. Why couldn’t she wake up?

The pitter-patter of soft claws was the next thing she heard. She turned her head slowly, right before a scream caught in her throat. She would not wake up. It was time once again, for Lara Croft to endure.

As expected from Studio FOW, Lara’s Nightmare is rendered remarkably well. From her glistening, sweaty body to the subtle shifts in her facial expression, the entire piece exemplifies master craftsmanship. Watch it for yourself down below, or follow this link to download the HD version. For more rule 34 content, follow LewdGamer on  Twitter and Tumblr.

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