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Slay monsters and save the world via match-3 puzzle mechanics in Hell Girls, now available on Nutaku.

SakuraGame, the creator of infamous games on Steam, such as the overtly pornographic bullet hell Dragonia, has finally found a more suitable home for their titles. Their RPG puzzle game Hell Girls is now available on Nutaku.

About Hell Girls

Fight monsters with diverse characters that have unique fighting skills based on their personalities. With anime inspired artwork, each character has loads of cute and sexy outfits. Hell Girls blends addictive gameplay with immersive roleplaying and story.

Story: Three mysterious families are blessed by the gods to give birth to girls with powers over fire, ice, and lightning every century.

Their powers are unknown to others, but they will be called by the gods to travel across Hell and Earth, slaying monsters to save the world from being swallowed by Hell’s corruption.

Their quest has earned them the title of Hell Girls.

Key Game Features

- – Integrates match 3 and puzzle game mechanics, gem drops and RPG elements

- – Each character has lots of cute and sexy clothing + more ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- – Victory depends on strategy and skill rather than speed.

- – Each character has a unique playstyle based on her element

- – No DRM

Hell Girls was released on Steam back in January, and like many of SakuraGame’s titles, has faced some controversy — it was even removed at one point. It’s now available on Nutaku where it can freely express its sexy nature. You can pick this title up for Windows platforms for $2.00 or 200 Nutaku Gold.

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