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A livestream event broadcast by Dengeki PlayStation showed off some gameplay of the upcoming Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates, which included some of the game’s naughtier features.

Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates is just around the corner. Soon you’ll be taking to the high seas with Parute and company, searching for treasure and meeting all kinds of odd characters.

Seven Pirates is due out in Japan on August 4th — just a few days away — which generally opens the floodgates in the marketing department. The team at Compile Heart has been slightly more reserved than some other companies, but earlier today we got a big taste of what to expect when Seven Pirates releases later this week.

Thanks to those at Dengeki PlayStation, we’ve been treated to a 50 minute-long stream of the game. The stream showed off a huge chunk of gameplay, and unsurprisingly, there was a fairly big focus on breasts. That’s not really too surprising, considering the game’s chest expansion mechanic, and with a face like the one seen above, who can deny Otton his fun?

The Dengeki team had particular fun with Seven Pirate’s fondling system, which makes use of the PS Vita’s touch capabilities. Those of you who’ve taken a shine to Parute would do well to skip ahead in the stream to the 47th minute for a nice scene.

If you want to take a look at the video for yourself, you can find it just below.

Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates is due out in Japan on August 4th, and is available from most major importers for $59.99. There are also a few special editions available, which have varying levels of goodies. Be sure to check out all our previous coverage for Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates before you go anywhere else.

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