If you build it, they will cum

A brand-new trailer for NIS America’s Criminal Girls 2 is here. The video shows off some of the game’s systems, better known as mechanics, as well as brief coverage of its premise.

If you’re a fan of girls and criminals, then perhaps you’re a fan of Criminal Girls. For those of you following our coverage, you’ll know that Criminal Girls 2 is working up to its Western release later this year. While the game is sadly due to be censored, there’s at least some consolation in this trailer.

This brand-new video is all about the game’s “system”, better known to Westerners as the game’s mechanics. The trailer mostly acts as a catch-all for various bits of information, including a brief set-up of the game’s premise.

Players are invited to partake in the Reformation Program, a golden opportunity in which souls bound for hell can avoid eternal damnation. A second chance of sorts, lost souls have just one chance to ascend the Hell Spire and return to our world. If you want to make it back, you’ll have to guide the starring ladies as they face their (literal) demons.

As their savior, you’ll fight alongside your allies, listening to their suggestions on how best to attack. Teach your team to work together and perform “bond attacks”, powerful moves that can cut through your foes.

Of course, bringing the girls to salvation requires some motivation. Those following our coverage will already know about the game’s “motivation system“, where you’ll do all sorts of naughty things in the name of progress. This was, rather comically, renamed from the “punishment system”, which was deemed to “lack consent”. If there’s one thing Hell is known for, it’s ensuring the consent of all parties.

Still, pink mist or no, Criminal Girls 2 has something going for it. Towards the end of the trailer we get a taste of the “motivation” you’ll be dishing out; for all its shortcomings, those skin-tight costumes will probably still perk you up. Check it out below:

Criminal Girls 2 is due out on September 20th in the US, and September 23rd in the EU. You can visit the website for more details.

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