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Monster Monpiece Hits Steam Uncensored This Fall

Monster Monpiece, published by Idea Factory, is due to hit Steam this fall. This naughty card battling game will arrive in its original, uncensored form.

While we’re not usually one to engage in system wars, it gets hard to deny the perks of having a PC. The games we cover here are often available on the platform, and it’s provided a great avenue for indie developers to make a name for themselves.

For published titles, things are looking pretty bright as well.

Monster Monpiece, the card battle game developed by Compile Heart, is coming to Steam this fall. Better yet, the game will arrive in its full, virginal form. That means no censorship, and all the original CGs will be there from the Japanese release. Monster Monpiece was censored for its original Western release, which limited a chunk of the game’s progression mechanic.

The Steam release also promises improved graphics, though this particular version of the game will not support multiplayer. In fairness, with this level of fanservice, that’s probably not too bad. It’s also unclear how the game’s “rubbing” mechanic will work, but it will likely involve the mouse.

Furthermore, Idea Factory recently announced that they would also have an open beta to test the game. The team is looking for those over-18 to take part, and are seeking a variety of system specs to work with.

Interested parties will be able to test the game come August 8th, which will last until September 2nd. To take part, you’ll need to meet a list of requirements, such as a reliable internet connection and a Steam account.

You can access all of this information on Idea Factory’s website, or use the open beta link above. No official release date has been announced yet, but players can expect it to hit sometime after the closed beta. Check out the trailer below:

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