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Publisher PQube has just announced that the much awaited release of Gal Gun Double Peace for Western markets will be delayed by a full two weeks.

Previously scheduled for July 19 (North America), and July 15 (Europe), the game will now launch August 2 (North America), and July 29 (Europe).


Gal Gun Double Peace, developed by Inti Creates, is the sequel to 2011’s acclaimed rail shooter Gal Gun. Its gameplay and storyline revolves around making your (always female) opponents fall in love with you, as the protagonist, Hodai, has 24 hours to find the love of his life with his magic arrows or be cursed to spend his life alone forever. Check out the official English trailer below:

We’ve previously covered several details about this release. One of them is the Deluxe “Mr. Happiness” Edition, exclusive to retailer Rice Digital and chock full of extra goodies for those who order it:

Another is the confirmed lack of censorship coming straight from publisher PQube, as well as the interesting detail that all its boob flashes, derriere cam-shots, panty focus, and wet swimsuits didn’t earn the game a rating higher than M from the ESRB, thus putting to rest the lie we’ve heard about how other games that did get butchered by censorship did so to evade an AO rating.


Gal Gun Double Peace will be releasing on July 29 for Europe and on August 2 in the US. You can get the Standard Edition from Rice Digital for $64.99 (for PS4) or $49.99 (for PS Vita). You can also get the Mr. Happiness limited edition with a ton of extra goodies, including a wall scroll, a panty-shaped screen cleaner, art book, and original soundtrack. It’s a Rice Digital exclusive, and you can get it here  for $99.99 USD (for PS4) or $94.99 (for PS Vita).

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