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Denpasoft has announced seven new visual novel titles at Anime Expo 2017. We take a look what to expect from the publisher in the near future.

At this year’s Anime Expo convention in Los Angeles, California, Denpasoft announced seven new title acquisitions at their panel. The announcements included titles from Yuzusoft, Silky’s Plus Alpha, Fan-na, and Watakubi.

Earlier today, visual novel publisher Sekai Project announced that they would be partnering with developer Yuzusoft to bring Dracu-Riot! and Senren Banka to the Western market. During Denpasoft’s panel, the adult publisher announced that they will be releasing the 18+ versions of both titles, as well as a third Yuzusoft title named Tenshin Ranman, which was not announced during Sekai Project’s panel. The publisher also announced that they will be releasing an 18+ version of Nanairo Reincarnation by Silky’s Alpha Plus, which will feature fully uncensored CGs. Other announcements include Miko no Kanata and Real Life Plus by Fan-na and an 18+ release of Island Diary by Watakubi.

For previously announced titles, Alpha’s Adventures by Onee-sama Productions has been given a Q3 2018 release window, while Fallen Doll by Project Helius (also known as Project H) is slated for an early 2018 release window. Denpasoft also confirmed plans for an 18+ release of Lose’s Maitetsu, which was announced early last year at Anime Boston.

For your reading pleasure, below you will find more information, trailers, and sample CGs for the newly announced titles.

Tenshin Ranman

Chitose Haruki lives a tranquil and peaceful life. If he drops his phone, it always falls into water. He’s lost track of how many times he’s lost his wallet. If he rides his bike, he’s bound to have an accident and if he’s walking around town he’s likely to get into a fight. One day, he suddenly receives a package. With no name, or sender address, it only had the word living thing taped to the box. For someone like Haruki who lives with all sorts of troubles as part of his daily routine, even he did not have any idea what to expect from its contents. To think he’d be sent a girl… In Haruki’s possession was a new source of bad luck… or rather the tempestuous beginning of good fortune. The girl claimed to be a goddess who was here to wipe away all of Haruki’s bad luck… but it seems her actions only create new problems and trouble for the people around him! Within the absurdity of his every day life, exactly what will this good fortune bring him?Features: • Fully voiced (except for the main character) • Map Mode to interact with the character of your choosing • HD Graphics including a 4:3 mode for users without an HD monitor so that images aren’t cropped • Over 20 h-scenes total, involving both the main heroines and 2 of the sub-heroines (with mosaics)


“In the bittersweet night of this island city where vampires and humans co-exist, this story begins.” In a specially zoned part of Japan is the island city of Aqua Eden, a place where gambling and other underground activities were sanctioned. On a mission to seek out romance in his life, Mutsura Yuuto accompanies his friend to this island to enjoy a nice vacation in Aqua Eden. These plans get disrupted as he witnesses a kidnapping! Unable to simply turn a blind eye, he gets involved and somehow gets turned into a vampire! Having been turned into a vampire, Yuuto is unable to leave and ends up having to live on the island … However, little did he know that this would only be the start of his story. Yuuto ends up enrolling at the academy there where classes are taught in the dead of night and the contradictions to his common sense only create more confusion in him. From famed developer Yuzusoft, Dracu-Riot! features deep involvement with each of the fangtastic heroines, allowing the player to focus their attention on their desired romantic lead and explore multiple routes of story and intrigue.Features: • HD artwork and graphics • Character sprites have multiple facial expressions that bring characters to life • Individual routes for the main heroines

Senren Banka

Deep in the mountain range, there exist a small village by the name Hoori. Secluded from civilization and unreachable by modern transport, the village can be interpreted as stuck far in the past. But it is this fact that has caused Hoori to become a hot spring paradise for the willing tourist. Among the springs and sights that enriches the rural town, a legendary katana is embedded in stone, spawning myths and legends for centuries; Murasamemaru. None have yet been able to wake the sword from its slumber and wield it as its new master. That is, until Arichi Masaomi came along and broke the darn thing! Not only that, but with this unforeseen set of events, the young man finds himself forced to take responsibility, responsibility in the form of marriage. His fiancé, a mysterious young woman, causes further chaos into Masaomi’s wife. Senren*Banka comes bursting with comedy and color in this episodic situational sitcom visual novel. With progress comes a proper flow chart to keep track of your heart conquering and mischief.Features: • Received runner-up price in the 2015 Moe Game Awards • Flow Chart feature that shows progress through the story • Gorgeous artwork and background art, trademark of YuzuSoft

Nanairo Reincarnation

Denpasoft and Silky’s Plus are proud to present Nanairo Reincarnation. From developer Silky’s Plus Alpha, Nanairo Reincarnation takes an unlikely hero and thrust him into a world full of unknown The summer heat is blistering hot, as Kagami Makoto makes his way through his 3rd of college. While preoccupied with his studies, Kagami inherits his late grandfather’s house and makes the decision to live on his own given the circumstances. However, he is soon to discover that there lives a pair of young women in this house, Iyo and Kikyou, neither of whom cast a reflection and neither seems to be even visible to anyone but Kagami! This is actually due to Kagami possessing a skill known as reisha, an astral vision allowing him to see young girls who claim to be spirits. It turns out that Kagami did not inherit just a house, he also inherited a duty, a duty to serve and protect the many spirits that roam this town and guide them peacefully into their eternal sleep. Inheriting a generations old duty, Kagami must make peace with this newfound responsibility and figure out his life, as he takes on the honor of the Kagami family lineage. But before he can get settled and come to terms with this revelation, an incident occurs that rocks the little spirit town to its core.Features: • Fully Voiced (Except for the main character) • Story by Kazuki Fumi, winner of the 2013 Moe Games Award for scenario! • A diverse cast of mystical spirits, steeped in Japanese lore • A Comedic and fun story • H-Scenes are Uncensored

Miko no Kanata: Curious Tale from the Shrine -Chapter Rin-

Miko no Kanata: Curious Tales from the Shrine -Chapter Rin- is the first part in the Miko no Kanata series. This traditional Japanese-style romance adventure tells the story of Kiryu Yuya, a young man who one day comes across Mikanagi Akiha, a mysterious girl. Akiha is the spitting image of a miko (shrine maiden) who repeatedly appears in Yuya’s dreams and takes his life. Nevertheless, he feels a strong sense of fate in meeting Akiha. It feels like we’re finally meeting each other… Yuya-san. These words Akiha speak show her strong fascination in Yuya and they soon fall in love with each other… However, Akiha’s old sister, Koharu who is also a miko lets him in on a startling revelation. Akiha-chan… is not someone from this era. This is a tale of a young woman’s love which surpasses the infinite bounds of a millennium. A tragic tale of shrine maidens of battle and the fate imposed upon them. And the followers of darkness who seek to rampage through the world of night… Will these strong feelings that Yuya and Akiha have for each other be enough to bring them together?Features: • Fully voiced female cast & over 80 event CG’s • Lots and lots of shrine maidens! • Fan-na’s 10th Anniversary Title! • Created by industry veterans from Angel Smile

Real Life Plus Ver. Kaname Komatsuzaki

Real Life Plus Ver. Kaname Komatsuzaki is a game that lets you enjoy life interacting and growing up with Kaname Komatsuzaki, a childhood friend of protagonist, Kouichi. The game is strewn with short segments that explore their relationship with the choices made at each step which alter their lives as they spend their youth with each other. The story is 100% dialog and from the start in 1999 to the present day, everything from the subject matter to the backgrounds are linked to each period in the game. With each choice, Kaname’s mannerisms and even things such as her choice of clothing and hairstyle will change as well. The natural voice work by voice actress Sakazaki Mao also helps to bring a realistic feeling to the game as well.Features: • Your choices determine the type of person Kaname becomes! • Over 65 hentai CGs • Over 150 mini-events

Island Diary

Now that I think about it … is this heaven?!” On an isolate island, a distant tropical wonder serves as home to the bear eared girl Momo. Despite the beautiful scenery in this seemingly idyllic paradise, she still experiences a sense of loneliness, as her only friends on this island are the cat eared Kuro and the rabbit eared Moka, however they have slowly been drifting apart from one another due to the existence of a certain diary. But one day, a young man washed ashore, unable to recall any detail of his past beyond his name thanks to a few of his belongings being with him. Momo discovers Ryou in his daze as he wakes up on the beach unable to grasp how he ended up in this strange little paradise, and with her help begins to shape together what is now to become his new life. With the positive energy of Momo and the help of Ryou, the three girls and the lost young man find themselves building a new day on the solidary island together full of excitement and titillation. Renowned dating sim artist Saji Sasai (Narcissu 3rd, Canvas 4) is back with her first personal project, Island Diary! From gorgeous scenery to beautiful girls and a little dose of mystery, Sasai creates a place of dreams, warmth and wonder.Features: • An enthralling tale with adorable animal girls • Colorful and gorgeous artwork by top-tier Japanese doujin group Watakubi and Saji Sasai About Watakubi

That’s all for the Denpasoft announcements from Anime Expo 2017. Stay tuned for more announcements from the convention.

As always, we will keep you up to date on any breaking developments we come across in regards to these new releases.

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