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Criminal Girls: Invite Only, Not 2, Is Coming to Steam

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Yes, Criminal Girls: Invite Only is coming to Steam. That’s different from Criminal Girls 2, which has the subtitle Party Favors, though it’s censored all the same.

Ever sit down to write something after a long day, and just fuck up? Maybe my head isn’t right from all the reboots that feature the same name. Jumanji, Ben Hur, Ghostbusters; we’re in a weird time for naming conventions.

Still that’s no excuse, so I present to you the actual news.

Criminal Girls: Invite Only is coming to Steam on January 11th. Everything else you read last time is still pretty much the same — I can get that much right. In a press statement by publisher NIS America, the group noted that this was primarily due to the success of Disgaea PC. Starting today, players can already check out the store page for Criminal Girls: Invite Only, which includes a few details about the game.

Players will take control of seven girls, each of whom requires “reformation.” You know this as the “punishment” (no, we’re not calling it “motivation,” NISA) program. The goal of this program —  and by extension, your own goal — is to help these girls atone for their sins. As their instructor, you will help them revive as mortals once more by guiding them through the deadly spire.

Most importantly, Criminal Girls: Invite Only is still censored. Much like its sister, Criminal Girls 2, that much has not changed. The silly pink mist is still there, and everything you saw on the Vita will be left as is. That includes the strange, eerie quietness that permeates the mini-games.

Regardless, you can check this all out on Steam or see for yourself on January 11th, 2017.

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