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Pillow Talk Episode 3: Electronic Ecstasy Expo

The third episode of Pillow Talk, our official podcast, is now available online for casual listening.

On this incredibly impromptu episode of Pillow Talk, Blue and Panda are joined by ZenithTheOne and Zerodomai to discuss the then-recent announcements that took place at the 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo, more commonly known as E3. Topics discussed on this episode primarily focus on the expo and each of the main press conferences, up to and including the PC Gaming Show, Devolver Digital’s 15-minute-long press conference and the first-ever second pre-pre-show. This episode of Pillow Talk can be seen on our YouTube channel or listened to via our SoundCloud.

The mailbag is not open for questions just yet, but will be opened in the future, and for much longer than a measly 12 hours.

See you next time, and stay gold.

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