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What!? My Neighbors Are in a Comic!!? #1

What!? My Neighbors Are in a Comic!!? is a tie in and irregularly published comic strip to visual novel nukige What!? My Neighbors Are Demons!!?

What!? My Neighbors Are in a Comic!!? follows the daily lives of demonic twins Cevi and Vulse and their interactions with the world of humans. Each new day is filled with video games, raunchy unprotected incestual sex and playing tricks on their unsuspecting neighbors.


The comic strip is drawn by the one and only MegaSweet and written by ZenithTheOne. If you enjoy the comic be sure to leave us feedback down in the comments sections and don’t forget to support the creators. They’ll do tricks for attention!

If you would like to support CriticalBliss, the creators of What!? My Neighbors Are Demons!!?, you can now reach them on Patreon. Pre-orders for the game, available sometime in Q4 2017, are now also open on Backerkit. You can now visit the title’s Steam page and join in on the discussion as well.