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Sequels can be strange dames to deal with. By definition, a sequel is a product that succeeds a prior work, typically serving as a narrative or thematic continuation. There’s nothing inherently wrong with sequels, but they’re almost always held to the expectation that they will achieve something not only familiar but also different. Failure to do so results in a rehash, a word constantly loaded in the chambers of discussions regarding certain Nintendo or Activision IPs.

The point I’m building up to isn’t that Dungeon of Corruption ~Trials of the Female Knights~ is a rehash; my point is that I can only hope this review itself isn’t a rehash.

Behold, the destroyers of this game’s budget.

Dungeon of Corruption is a 2015 release that was recently translated and released by MangaGamer on their storefront. From what I can gather, the developers behind this game are the same as the ones who handled Orc Castle, a game we reviewed not long after its release. I highly suggest you check out our review of that title, as I’ll be referring back to points brought up in that review in this one.

On a remote island known as Valbelle, a land containing kingdoms and smaller city-states with a rich history dating back to a period known as the Age of the Gods. Remnants of this era can be found in ruins and the treasure that lay within them. Sacred treasures from these ruins are often sought upon for their invaluable impact on a kingdom’s military strength. As a result, kingdoms only send out the cream of the crop to brave the traps and monsters for the treasures. In time, the various kingdoms started worshiping the technology left to them by the higher powers, resulting in the faiths of these kingdoms bleeding together over the years until there were only two remaining: the faith of the God of Light and the faith of the God of Darkness.

If that wasn’t an unexpected foray into the cliché, the game suddenly goes Kingdom Hearts on your ass when the two gods actually appear and start wondering if they only exist to be warred over. The two gods then decide to see who has the bigger dick by sending their respective archangels (one of which is controlled by you) to challenge the apostles of the opposing faith: Eliska, Apostle of Light and Griselda, Apostle of Darkness.


Pick your character, know one to represent your life; We’re stompin’ anybody, so make the choice right.

Gameplay in Dungeon of Corruption is almost identical to a Matures’ previous game, Orc Castle. For the uninitiated, the core gameplay involves setting traps in a sprawling maze to launch, redirect, stall, and confuse either of the two apostles into a monster. Letting the apostle engage the monster normally will result in a victorious apostle — the worst type of apostle. By using the damage multipliers from traps (including the occasional environmental trap), you can rack on the damage applied to the apostle, eventually tearing off her armor as you slowly whittle her health down and sexually arouse her. The end goal is to compromise an apostle’s armor and hurl her into an enemy so that their fiendish appendages can shred away any semblance of prudence and decency from her person.

The gameplay in Dungeon of Corruption has seen a few minor additions since its last incarnation, adding in a new magic rune system that functions as yet another factor to increase the damage enemies deal to an apostle. The inclusion of this system feels rather negligible though, as you can still deal a serviceable amount of damage without paying the runes and the formula needed to use them any mind. The core gameplay isn’t nearly deep enough to warrant putting that much thought into your traps.

Speaking of traps, there are some new ones this time around. With the ability to summon monsters, teleporters, and pebbles that trip whoever runs over them, it’s a bit easier to manipulate the helpless apostle to roam right into your sticky mitts. There’s even an orgasm counter once an apostle’s lust skyrockets to the point where an enemy can force her to cum, which allows you to summon more monsters when the unlock conditions have been met.

Every game would be improved with the ability to summon ANAL FIST TORMENT.

While the core gameplay in Dungeon of Corruption is largely the same as its predecessor, the overall focus and end goal between both games is quite different. Orc Castle is level-based, relying upon its narrative to create new scenarios that require the player’s guiding hand to reach their end, rewarding the player for doing so with lengthy H-scenes. Whereas that game used its typo-laden narrative to provide the player with an objective, Dungeon of Corruption gives the player a single expository cutscene upon starting the game and allows the gameplay to carry the rest of the experience.

Put simply, Dungeon of Corruption is the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain to Orc Castle’sMetal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

That’s right, there’s really no further plot in Dungeon of Corruption beyond that initial intro sequence, leaving the player with a young woman ripe for raping and several screens filled with orcs, worms, mimics, slimes, hydras, and skeletons. The only ways Dungeon of Corruption can end are when 9,999 in-game turns have passed, the billions of HP the apostles possess is reduced to zero, or when the apostle reaches the final trial. While the shortcomings in Orc Castle’s gameplay were masked by the abundance of sex scenes that overstayed their welcome, the inverse is true this time around. It’s as though someone wished on a monkey’s paw for a sequel to Orc Castle with shorter sex scenes and better gameplay.

Fun fact: Writing this review took longer than triggering 2,700 of these.

Oh, and those monsters you can summon? Yeah, those can only be unlocked through certain conditions, primarily by exploring the dungeon and forcing the apostle to climax, with the latter being a lengthy feat to accomplish unassisted by items in treasure chests. From what I can tell, the monsters you can summon seem to be dependent on the room you’re in, further increasing the legwork you’ll have to do for those CGs.

As a result of all this, the main objective in Dungeon of Corruption is simple: guide the apostle to the final trial while luring her into monsters, building her orgasm meter up to a climax, thereby unlocking a new enemy to summon. Since the apostle has a ludicrous amount of HP, she won’t be dying unless you really try to take advantage of damage multipliers; however, you need to pile on multipliers to increase the orgasm meter by any substantial amount. While you’re trying to balance all that, you need to remember every move costs one of those 9,999 turns you have to unlock and reach the final trial. This means the entire game is a juggling act between three things: finding the only main objective, increasing the orgasm meter without killing the apostle and doing it faster than an ice cream truck as it drives away. Since you’ll likely be doing this at least up to two times with one of the apostles, let’s not forget you also have to repeat this for the second apostle, whose progress is entirely independent of the first.

All this begs the question: If the game expects you to juggle unlocking the CGs with making progress to unlock more CGs, are any of them even worth the effort?

Honestly, the CGs could’ve been drawn by Uno Makoto or ShindoL and I still would have rather joined a parade in a minefield than sit through hours of this. The CGs are passable, though there were some subtle instances of anatomical anomalies that triggered my OCD and denied me arousal. From what I can gather, the illustrations have been handled by two different artists, explaining why Eliska and Griselda are stylistically distinct from one another.

While the encounters with them tend to be brief, the fetishes contained within these CGs are expansive. First off, your main choice of character is between either a blonde loli or a busty dark elf, with each one receiving a set of different monsters to combat. There are the usual suspects of fetishes, like vanilla sex with orcs and slimes invading every orifice possible, and the list only gets more extreme as you go. From egg implanting to anal fisting, there’s even nipple growth, breast expansion, bondage, lactation, impregnation, tentacles, and so on. Honestly, there’s more variety in the fetishes on display than there is in the gameplay. Unfortunately, the developers did not give skeleton enemies any CGs, denying me the opportunity to slide a boner pun into this review.

If you want to get specific, there are technically hundreds of CGs in Dungeon of Corruption, but that’s only if you want to count variations of the same scene. Even then, some other CGs are just variations of earlier ones, so the actual variety isn’t quite as diverse as one might have hoped.

Though I certainly won’t argue against dozens of dark elf scenes.

When it comes to presentation, the game uses the exact same art style and sound direction as Orc Castle, While not all the songs are recycled, the sprites certainly are. Audio erotica plays a big role in the arousal factor yet again. Since they’re part of the hit-and-run nature of the erotic content in the game, there isn’t too much time to savor the sultry, sexual sounds. The same technical features of Dungeon of Corruption’s predecessor also apply here, meaning there is full 1080p support and customizable audio settings. There’s also the return of several dozens save slots, though they’re not quite as useful due to how this game is structured.

Overall, Dungeon of Corruption is a hard game to discuss without repeating oneself. It attempted to take an established gameplay formula in a more open direction, which came at the expense of elements that compensated for that formula’s shortcomings. Without the longer h-scenes to break up the gameplay and the story to provide the player with a clear goal that somewhat balanced the experience, Dungeon of Corruption feels like a directionless slog. There’s no real sense of progression present, even if you stick around long enough to find the one end goal the game has to offer. At its best, the game is merely a middling, mediocrity affair; at its worst, Dungeon of Corruption feels like a ROM hack of a better game by a man who doesn’t understand game design.

Should you choose to purchase Dungeon of Corruption, the game can be found on MangaGamer  for $12.95 and on DLSite for $12.62.


  • Abundance of fetishes on display
  • Illustrations are clean and appealing


  • Gameplay is incredibly tedious, repetitious and monotonous
  • No proper sense of progression or long-term goal to achieve
  • Sexual content is too short-lived and spread out
  • Gameplay
  • Story
  • Sound
  • Art and Graphics
  • Replay Value


Dungeon of Corruption is teeming with fetishes; whether you're a loli lover into nipple expansion and futa, or a brown elf lover who loves bondage and anal fisting, there's a plethora of fairly extreme fetishes on display here.

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