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D3 Publisher has revealed a large amount of information on their upcoming breast expansion-centric dungeon crawler, Omega Labyrinth Z. The new update details the two fairies Pai and Chichi and more.

The clock is ticking away on the very few days left till the premiere of Omega Labyrinth Z, D3 Publisher’s latest ecchi dungeon crawler. The company has decided to shine some light on a couple of new features involving the game’s two fairy characters, as well as new special and challenging dungeons unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions.

Gaming publication Gematsu has translated all of the information from D3 Publisher’s update and you can read it below.

■ Adventure into the Dungeon with Pai and Chichi

The fairies Pai and Chichi will support Aina and company on their adventure. By meeting certain requirements, you will be able to take on the dungeon with these two. Although you can only take on story dungeons you have already cleared, you can enjoy a non-standard adventure where you use Omega Power to attack instead of weapons, falling to hunger is nonexistent, and Aina and company have considerably different characteristics. Additionally, the Omega Power you obtain when defeating enemies is much greater than normal, and since you can also use skills to transform the enemies in the room into Omega Power and Faint In Agony Aromas, gathering these two elements plays a big role.

—For your own safety, you can only take on dungeons that you have already cleared. If you choose Pai, Chichi is her partner, and if you choose Chichi, Pai is her partner. You can also take on the dungeon with one character.

—Attack with shining Omega Power. Each attack consumes one Omega Power, but they are powerful since you can attack from far away, like using a bow and arrow. However, if you run out of Omega Power, you will not be able to attack.

—Because Pai and Chichi fly, they are strong in that they can not get caught in traps. Items that drop in areas surrounded by water can also be easily picked up.

Main Features of Pai and Chichi

 You can take on story dungeons after you clear them.

 You cannot take any items into the dungeon.

 If you pick Pai, Chichi is her partner. If you pick Chichi, Pai is her partner. You can also take on the dungeon with one character.

 You cannot equip any weapons, shields, or underwear.

 Attacks use Omega Power (one Omega Power).

 If you kill an enemy, you will obtain much more Omega Power with Pai and Chichi than Aina and company would obtain.

 If you obtain any weapons, shields, or underwear from the dungeon, they will be converted into Omega Power then and there.

 You cannot fall to hunger (when your HP decreases due to hunger).

 Because Pai and Chichi fly, they cannot be caught in traps. (It is possible to be caught in a trap if you examine one below your feet.)

 You cannot change Pai and Chichi’s bust sizes.

 You cannot use Faint in Agony Awakenings, Tongue in Agony Awakenings, or the hot springs.

Pai and Chichi’s Skills

—Pai: “Omega Carnival” – Ascends the enemies in the room to heaven and returns a large amount of Omega Power. Unfortunately, you cannot acquire experience points using this skill.

—Chichi: “Festival” – Ascends the enemies in the room to heaven. The ascended enemies return Faint in Agony Aroma. Unfortunately, you cannot acquire experience points using this skill.

When you take on a dungeon with Pai and Chichi, you can use a cooperative technique if you meet certain requirements. While the timing that it can be activated is limited, it is a powerful skill that acquires a large amount of Omega Power and Faint in Agony Aroma.

—Pai and Chichi Cooperative Technique: “Faint in Agony Omega Heaven” – This skill can be used once for every time Pai and Chichi’s levels exceed a multiple of 10. It ascends the enemies in the room to heaven and returns a large amount of Omega Power and Faint in Agony Aroma. Unfortunately, you cannot acquire experience points using this skill.

Extract Unknown Materials with Pai and Chichi

Through “Item Appraisal,” by placing an item with an unknown name and effect in between a character’s chest, you can draw out the unknown substance causing the item to be unidentified. Pai and Chichi, who are fairies with tiny bodies, will use their whole bodies instead of their chests to appraise an item. The resulting effect is no different from a standard appraisal. You can extract unknown substances with chests, or you can extract unknown substances with the bodies of fairies—it’s your call. Use your favorite method to appraise unidentified items.

—The two fairies will work together to appraise the item.

Take on Even More Dungeons

By meeting certain requirements, you can unlock special dungeons completely different from the ones you take on in the story. There are two types—the “Trials of the Wise Man” dungeons in which you proceed while thinking about how to clear it like solving a puzzle, and the “Challenge Dungeons” where various special rules are in place. Both dungeons promise far more difficulty than what is offered by the story dungeons. There is even a super high difficulty dungeon in which you cannot bring in items and has up to 99 floors.

—The “Trial of the Wise Man” from the previous game was connected as a single dungeon, but this time, you can take it on one floor at a time. How many trials await?

—One of the “Trials of the Wise Man.” Powerful enemies can be seen on the other side of the water. You should be able to break through them by making skillful use of the staffs and books before you… Use your head to determine which item to use.

—-One of the Challenge Dungeons. Since it is a special dungeon in which almost all of the items you come across cannot be obtained, figuring out what to buy at the shop is the key to clearing it. There may even be a special reward on the top floor…

—One of the Challenge Dungeons. Right after entering the dungeon, your bust size suddenly becomes a Z-cup. However, you will not obtain Omega Power from defeating enemies. Make skillful use of powerful techniques and Hyper Omega Slash during Z Chest Mode.

Touch the Girls Anytime in the Gallery

You can view the Faint in Agony Awakenings, appraisals, hot spring event scenes, and so on that you have already seen in the “Gallery.” There are certain requirements to meet depending on the type of event scene, such as spending Omega Points at the store to purchase Faint in Agony Awakening scenes.

As was mentioned before, Omega Labyrinth Z is scheduled to be released on July 6th in Japan for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. There is still no word on a Western release planned for the title; however, an English subtitled gameplay trailer has recently appeared on the publisher’s official YouTube channel, which may indicate some plans for the game to leave the shores of Japan.

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