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Visual novel publisher MiKandi Japan has released Onomatope*’s Libra of the Vampire Princess on Steam.

Over a year after the title’s Kickstarter success that brought in a whopping 186k in funding, Libra of the Vampire Princess has been finally released on Steam. While the physical edition had been shipped out over a month ago , the Steam release unfortunately hit several problems involving Steam achievements and trading cards, as well as a technical problem involving CPU usage in the Steam build that caused the release to be delayed.

To commemorate the title’s digital release, MiKandi Japan is also currently running a giveaway for double-sided dakimakura featuring the heroines in bikinis. You can find out more details, including how to enter the contest, over on MiKandi Japan’s website.

For your reading pleasure, below you will find the game’s OP, synopsis, and sample CGs and images.

##A Story of Battle, Blood, and Love!

Shuma Kusanagi is just an ordinary boy… Until he’s suddenly abducted by the vampire ringleader Iris Pumila, who reveals to him the secret of his birth: he has vampire blood coursing through his veins, and it is her destiny to awaken him! Fortunately Shuma is able to return to his daily life, but he is plagued by the vampiric impulses that randomly overcome his changed body. And at the same time, a bunch of bizarre people are butting into his life… The werewolf maid Mari, who was tasked by Shuma’s deceased father to restore the family she serves to its former glory. Calen of the Officinalis family, one of the three progenitor families, who declares herself his fiancee. Vampire hunter Aoi Kamishiro, sent from the Holy See’s secret anti-supernatural organization: the Rubina. And Lycoris, an assassin sent by Iris as though to laugh in the face of his hopes. While being pulled back and forth between all these girls, Shuma tries to live not as a vampire, but as a human. Tangled in the midst of this web of conflicting intentions, Shuma must use his vampiric powers despite his aversion to them to oppose the rising forces of evil!

You can purchase Libra of the Vampire Princess on Steam for $35.99. The 18+ patch is currently available to backers of the Kickstarter campaign for free. Those of you who did not back the campaign will be able to snag the patch for $2.99, though it is currently not up for sale to the public yet. Once the patch has been released to the public, we will update this article with details on how to purchase it.

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