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Sexy Bullet Hell Game Fox Fire Gets an Alpha Demo

Independent developers TsukiWare have released an alpha demo version of the ecchi bullet hell shooter Fox Fire.

Fox Fire is an action-packed bullet hell title from TsukiWare. It’s a spin-off of their upcoming visual novel, Tower of Five Hearts. The title was inspired by classic ecchi shooters, Sentimental Shooting and Soreyuke! BurunyanMan. In Fox Fire, you play as a fox girl, Kiri. Players will fly through levels, blasting the clothes off of giant girls. The current demo has a single level featuring Momo, a bunny girl. The final product will have the entire female cast of characters from Tower of Five Hearts. At present, this demo just highlights the gameplay, but the developers plan to add a story mode in future updates.

Check out a few screenshots from the playable demo below.

You can download the alpha demo of Fox Fire for PC and Linux operating systems here . You can also play it in your browser through the game’s Newgrounds page . If you would like to support TsukiWare’s current and future game development projects you can also donate to their Patreon.

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