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There aren’t a lot of visual novels out there for the furry fanbase. Fortunately, there is a team of Russian developers who are trying to change that with the creation of Second Chance.

Second Chance begins rather mysteriously. You wake up in an empty train station with no memory of who or where you are. A girl by the name of Neny approaches you, assuming you to be the new exchange student, Leslie. With nothing more to go on, you assume to role of “Leslie” and begin your adventure.

The demo has Leslie meeting and getting to know the various characters that attend his new school. He gets better “acquainted” with some of those characters more than others. While getting to know his new friends, and attempting to research more about the “real” Leslie, the protagonist begins to find evidence of much darker things that are taking place at this school. Being as the game is still early in development, the plot hasn’t had much chance to unfold yet. Despite this, Second Chance continues to hook players with new plot developments, all the way through the demo’s final chapter.

The developers of Second Chance promise over 30 CGs to unlock, with ten characters and ten story lines to explore. In addition to the visual novel and dating sim elements, there was an interactive puzzle sequence as well. Hopefully, more of these interactive minigames will appear in future updates. You can find additional update and info on Second Chance’sPatreon and VK pages. The latest builds are available in English and Russian here for PC, Mac, and Linux.

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