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Thinking About You, a brother-sister incest romance H-game by Noir Desir, puts you into the role of a teenager trying to get closer to his family. Much closer.

Thinking About You is the current project of a new team named Noir Desir. It follows a teenager who gets a job on the other side of town from where his parents live and thus has to stay with his intelligent but aloof sister, Julia. Because this is a hentai game, he swiftly decides he’d like to be her lover as well as her sibling. Unfortunately, it’s clear from the get go that it is going to take some work to get inside the panties of the older girl. Along the way, players will have the option of seducing Julia’s rambunctious roommate, Eva.

The game is designed as a romance visual novel. As such, it uses Ren’py as an engine, the simplest and most common visual novel making tool in common use. As such, gameplay involves conversing with the various characters in the game and making choices in the dialogue regarding what their character says.

The story changes accordingly based on the specific choices of players. In particular, it is possible to romance both Eva and Julia, however, the process by which players do so changes based on player choices. For example, the player can deliberately target Eva in order to make Julia jealous. As a result, the narrative of the game is nonlinear.

The team behind the game designed it with the implicit purpose of making a more realistic and emotionally expressive incest hentai game. Though, there will still be sexual content, including the usual vanilla sex, anal, and blowjob roulette. There will also be spicier sexual content including mutual masturbation, 69-ing, voyeurism, threesomes and foot fetish. Sexual content is implemented via the game’s 3D modeled characters and features 40 to 50 images per scene.

Thinking About You is still early in development. At the time of writing, v.02 is the newest release out. If you would like to download it, or whatever version follows it, you can find out more about the development over at Noir Desir’s Patreon page. The team also offers some bonus content for players who donate to the game.

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