Fapping is more than just a game

Go to a school for monster hunters and fight back a monster girl epidemic with your dick in Monster Girl Tailes by InterLEWD Creations.

Monster Girl Tailes is an entry into the increasingly popular monster girl fucking genre. Similar titles have been quite popular of late, including Redamz’s Monster Girl Island. Common features include varieties of girls based on popular monster girls (such as catgirls) and a higher than average likelihood of using custom rendered 3D artwork for their game. In this respect, Monster Girl Tailes is not a serious departure.

The plot follows a new student at a monster hunting academy, who lacking any other skill set, must defeat invading monsters using the power of seduction. This takes the form of sequences where the player talks to and seduces the monster girls, bringing them to bed.

Gameplay takes the form of finding monster girls and seducing them through the process of a visual novel style dialogue system. The team prominently displays the option of customizing your harem members as an important feature.

Sex scenes take the form of interactive animated sexual sequences with a variety of unlockable positions and can be engaged dynamically within the setting. Want to fuck a girl against a specific wall or object? Feel free. Currently, the game offers one human woman, a kitsune, and a demon. Future monster girls may include a cowgirl, lizard girl, catgirl, bunny girl, and bee girl. The plan also is to have two sex scenes types per character.

For the latest version of Monster Girl Tailes, check InterLEWD Creation’s Patreon  page. Fans considering donating to the project should find the opportunity to do so in the same link. You can also check InterLEWD Creation’s Itch.io page here.

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