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Developer Compile Heart has updated the official Genkai Tokki: Castle Panzers website with new details on the upcoming title.

New details on Compile Heart’s newest title Genkai Tokki: Castle Panzers have emerged on the game’s official Japanese website. The latest update includes new details on three more characters, as well as the voice actors list for the titles previously announced characters. Alex Ride will be voiced by Keito Okuyama, Iris Lane Galestia will be voiced by Yuuki Takada, Sharon will be voiced by Eriko Matsui, and Leaf will be voiced by Himika Akaneya.

The website was also previously updated with some brief details on the battle styles of the female characters. Some battle styles will be tied to what type of underwear the girls are wearing, which can be changed both before and during battles. Two of the possible “underwear” battle styles include:

- “Venus Style” – A style in which the heroine wears something like a robe of feathers. It is well balanced with various abilities, and is built upon fighting with close-range, physical attacks.

- “Night Style” – A style with high attack and defense power. It specializes in close-range attacks, but is weak when it comes to magic attacks. This style fights using a large sword.

Below you will find the newly added character information, which was graciously translated by Gematsu.

####Mikoto Baltzar (voiced by Saki Ono)

A girl who grew up in the same village as Alex. She is Alex’s childhood friend from when they were little. She is what you would call a cool beauty, but she is somewhat sadistic and speaks coldly. However, her true character is that of a yandere. On the inside, she is always only thinking about Alex, who she has fallen in love with. For that reason, she was extremely worried when she found out that Alex is protecting the princess’ party of women.

####Frau Sowers (voiced by Marika Kono)

Legend says that she is a legendary hero who “shakes off the darkness when the world is in a dilemma”… seemingly. She is pure and has a strong sense of curiosity. As soon as someone else is doing something, she shows interest and proposes she do it herself. She unexpectedly makes unintelligible turns of phrases, and since she’s full of strange information, she sometimes worries those. As might be expected for someone regarded as a hero, her fighting power is overwhelming and second to no adult.

####Otton (voiced by Tomokazu Sugita)

A mysterious creature. He appeared with the revival of the castle through the hero forming a contract with the castle. He has a unique way of talking, such as adding an “~o” to the end of his words. Since he lost all of his memories outside of operating the castle, he is unable to help set Alex free. By making him “taste” the underwear you acquire, he can charge the castle with libido and make it possible for those who wear them to transform.

Genkai Tokki: Castle Panzers is set to release in Japan on September 28th for PlayStation 4. As of right now, there is no announcement in regards to the title hitting Western shores, but we will keep you up to date on any new information released.

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