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Pillow Talk mailbag Koe de Oshigoto

Pillow Talk Episode #3 Mailbag Is Now Open

The mailbag for the next episode of Pillow Talk, our official podcast, is now open.

After several video game announcements — and 37 home invasions in the span of a month — another episode Pillow Talk is on the horizon.

Recording for episode #3 of Pillow Talk will begin tomorrow afternoon on June 16th — barring some incredibly inconvenient nationwide incident. Our main focus on this episode will be this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (more commonly known as E3) and each of the main press conferences that surrounded the event. From EA to Devolver Digital and up to Nintendo, we’ll be providing our thoughts on the conferences and the titles showcased. Whether your questions are related to E3 or the usual flavor of eclectic inquiries, be sure to leave us a comment on this  article and we’ll answer your question towards the end of the episode.

Episode #3 of Pillow Talk should be made available within the following week on our YouTube channel and SoundCloud account.

See you next time, and stay gold.

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