Putting the D in the double D.

Dragonia has just released on Steam, bringing bullet hell gameplay and boobies.

[UPDATE 6/11/2017] This review is no longer accessible, and we’ve had a few requests for the Dragonia patch installation instructions. Please check it out below.[/UPDATE]

Yesterday, a new shooter game snuck its way onto Steam. It’s a fairly standard bullet hell type game, complete with powerups, a story, and anime girls. There is one thing that really sticks out with this game —boobs, big floppy, uncensored boobs. Add to that a story that’s entirely in Chinese, and you’ve got Dragonia.

Let’s begin with the title screen. Not only is there a set of perfect tits with erect nipples, but the cutie for whom they belong is also covered in some sticky, white fluid. Just behind the START button we can also clearly see she’s being penetrated by a massive tentacle. Throughout the game, players will be greeted with more massive mammaries, fully exposed for their pleasure. We have no idea how this got past Steam, but only time will tell if they allow it to remain. If that’s not enough, there are also H-scenes, but that’s where it gets a bit tricky.

Despite having porn all over, Dragonia actually does have some censored bits. If you do not wish to have meme level censoring over these very intimate moments, there’s a patch available. The patch is as easy to find as looking at the top review for the game. Thanks to Altman, with the patch installed, a more traditional mosaic censoring will display instead.


This is a flight shooting game with RPG growth factor. If you are not 18 years old, Do not download the game plz. Because there are R18 content in the game.

The role that you control is the white dragon’s daughter who will resist the evil dragon and protect the Dragon Kingdom’s national treasure “Dragon Tears” according to the dragon’s witch’s instructions. At the beginning, the small white dragon’s power is not strong. But with constant fighting and collecting a lot of Dragon’s Souls, her bullets, attacking methods and special skills will be improved.

Please use your power to expel the evil dragon lurking around the Dragon Kingdom and maintain the peace and tranquility of the Dragon Kingdom.

Dragonia has some other interesting aspects. For starters, you’re probably not going to get much out of the story unless you can read Chinese. Despite there being a file in the game specifically for Japanese and English story options, there is no option to actually enable them. Players are stuck with the story displaying in full Chinese text, along with an user interface that’s a mix between Chinese, English, and Japanese. Users have already brought this up in the Steam forums, so hopefully we’ll soon get a correction. While it’s not such a huge deal to miss out on the story of a bullet hell game, the tutorial is also in Chinese. It’ll take some trial and error to learn the more advanced game mechanics.

At the time of writing, Dragonia is sitting at a Very Positive rating on Steam from 54 reviews. It’s not all about the boobs, as the gameplay itself is also receiving praise on the community hub and in reviews. Dragonia is available for $1.99 normally, and the current launch discount brings the game down to $1.19 until June 5th. You can pick it up for Windows or Mac on Steam, and don’t forget about the patch.

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