Daddy is coming

Nutaku has just launched Girls on Tanks, a free-to-play tactical game now available on their site.

If you’ve been jonesing for an Advance Wars-style tactical game or happened to have some impure thoughts for the commanding officer Sami, Mutant Games may have a solution for you. What can be described as nothing other than an adult version of Advance Wars is the newest free-to-play game on Nutaku, Girls on Tanks.

Girls on Tanks brings back that nostalgic look and feel of the Gameboy Advance classic and repackages it as a f2p gacha game. While the f2p style of this game has added stamina, crate drops, and cards to the mix, the familiar gameplay stays intact. It’s got a variety of units, terrain benefits, and, of course, some good old fashioned adult content. If you add to this that some of the sex scenes are interactive and animated, and it’s got an online multiplayer option, you’ll find a lot to keep you occupied.


Story Mode: Play through 5 territories with 80+ unique levels

Multiplayer PVE Mode: Once you’ve learnt the ropes, team up and join other players and in a weekly PVE Faction War

14 Unique Unit types: Take command of a wide range of military forces, from Rocket Artillery and Motorbikes to Bombers and Helicopters.

Commanders and Officers: All your Officers have unique abilities and level up the more they are used. Try out different Girls and see what abilities suit your play style. Be sure to mix it up!

Interactive sex scenes: Level up your officers to boost their powers and unlock incredible animated sex scenes!

We covered the Kimochi campaign for Girls on Tanks a little while back. From the looks of things, Mutant Games has kept on track with the game’s initial design. You can check it out for yourself right now on Nutaku.

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