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Studio FOW Releases Songbird's Shame Starring Jessica Rabbit

Studio FOW has released a new erotic video parody Songbird’s Shame starring the stylish, elegant, and hot Jessica Rabbit from the classic movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

It’s probably not wrong to say that Jessica Rabbit from the cult classic movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit was a lot of people’s first crush or at least first boner caused by a cartoon character. 3D hentai movie smut peddlers Studio FOW knowing of Jessica’s potential for starring in fan-made porn parodies threw their hats into a ring and made a short of their own fittingly named Songbird’s Shame. The red-haired femme fatale gets into a scenario where she proposes a mutually beneficial exchange of services to a bunch of mobsters. What follows is both predictable and delicious.

At the Ink & Paint club we get all kinds of clientele. Blue collar, white collar, those toon fellas. Even the occasional private eye, thinkin’ they’re all clever by snoopin’ around. But everybody, and I mean everybody who comes in here on a Friday night comes in for one reason – to see Jessica Rabbit take the stage.

Shame about her fella Roger, been missin’ for the past week. Rumor has it the mob is holdin’ him downtown, but hey – that ain’t any of our business now, is it? Why don’t you take a seat buddy, grab a drink. The show’s about to start.

Director – DarkcrowAnimator – ManskiVFX Animator – QwertModeling – RedMenace, Mets, ShaokekStoryboard – Beamwire

##Voice Cast

Jessica –Chloe AngelPinstripe Thug –BlackeyeSvelte Thug –NixonAdditional Manwhores:MrKristoff, Darkcrow“Why Dont You Do Right”Performed by:Saturn Garnet

Take a look at Jessica’s luscious lips taking a few cocks at the same time in the screenshots below.

You can grab the download links from Studio FOW’s website or you can watch it right here below.

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