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D3 Publisher has revealed even more information about the upcoming ecchi dungeon crawler, Omega Labyrinth Z.

D3 Publisher has once again revealed a ton of new information about the upcoming features of Omega Labyrinth Z. In this update, a familiar store clerk is reintroduced, as well as several returning and new features of the in-game shop, among other things.

Thanks to the translation of gaming publication Gematsu, you can read about Yumi and all the new features added to Omega Labyrinth Z below.


Yumi Amano (voiced by Kikuko Inoue)

Height: 170cm Three-Sizes: B94 (H-cup)-W56-H88 Birthday: September 25

The kind store clerk whose smiling face never falters. She opened her shop in the school as an alumnus of the academy, and runs all general affairs on campus. She is highly popular among the students, and gives them various advice. When she was a student, she was the student council president, and there is even a rumor that she had held the real power of the school…

Berona GPS

At the store, you can use the Omega Power you’ve stored up in the dungeon to buy items that will be useful in clearing it, as well as exchange items you no longer need for Omega Power. As you progress through the story, the items you’ll be able to buy will gradually increase.

It is also possible to re-purchase weapons and shields originally purchased through downloadable content that you may have lost in the dungeon.

In Omega Labyrinth Z, there is a feature for recovering lost items that weren’t purchased through downloadable content called “Berona GPS.” By consuming Omega Power, you can attach the Berona GPS to the items you possess, and Berona can bring back those when you lose them in the dungeon.

The recovered items can be purchased again at the store using Omega Power. You should attach the Berona GPS to important items such as weapons and shields strengthened through synthesis.

Additionally, not only can you purchase items at the store, you can also enjoy various conversations, from advice on clearing the dungeon to girl talk.

A Shop in the Dungeon

In order to help out Aina and the rest of the party, Yumi will set up a travel shop in the dungeon.

Aina and company can pay in Omega Power to buy the items laid out on the floor at the store. You can also exchange items you no longer need for Omega Power.

The store is a priceless treasure in clearing the dungeon, but there is one thing you need to be cautious about. If you pick up an item in the shop and leave without paying, the super powerful Yumi and her faithful watchdog will attack.

Yumi and her watchdog act twice per turn, meaning defeating her, or even just escaping, is a near impossible task. Additionally, even if you attack on Yumi, she’ll strike back in the same way, so attacking just to see what happens and acts of a thief are absolutely useless. There is no guarantee you’ll live.

Songs Enliven the Adventure

In Omega Labyrinth Z, you can obtain “Mics” in the store and in the dungeon. By using a Mic in the dungeon, the character will sing a song, livening up the dungeon exploration. Mics are available to both the player character and support character. New songs are being prepared for all of the character songs, which will be announced soon in a new trailer.

Hot Springs

In Omega Labyrinth Z, there are hot springs in the dungeon that grant you various effects. By entering the hot spring, you can recover your physical strength and acquire a random effect for use in the dungeon, such as “prevent items from being stolen on certain turns” or “prevent status ailments on certain turns.”

Of course, you can also see the girls in bath scenes. The illustrations will change based on their chest size.

As was mentioned before, Omega Labyrinth Z is scheduled to be released on July 6th in Japan for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. There is sadly no word of a Western release planned for the title.

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