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A few new game details have leaked for the upcoming dungeon crawler Omega Labyrinth Z.

With Omega Labyrinth Z due out in just a little over a month in Japan, details about the game continue to get even juicier. Today, we bring you the profile of another character as well as some more details on game mechanics. Translations have been provided by Gematsu.

Rinne Kuon (voiced by Akira Nakagawa)

- Height: 179cm

- Three-Sizes: B99 (I-cup)-W58-H90

- Birthday: ???

A woman of many mysteries who is the founder and chairwoman of Anberyl Girls Academy. Although she is feared by students due to her strict discipline, she is very kind to her students and respected for her dignified manner. In the original Omega Labyrinth, she was an important character in the case surrounding the Holy Grail, but what is her role this time…?

Endless Appraisal Combinations

Omega Labyrinth Z allows players to switch out the items they stick between the characters’ boobs for appraisal. You get to select from various phallic objects like shrimp tempura, wooden dolls, and even microphones. Depending on which item you stick in there, you’ll get a unique reaction. The shrimp will make the girl hot, while the mic will cause the girl’s voice to echo. None of these have any actual impact on the game. They are simply cute little touches of detail.

Rescue Imprisoned Maidens

As players progress through the story, some characters can become imprisoned by monsters. This feature allows players to free them by removing obstacles and other bindings. The player will do this using the PS Vita’s touchscreen or the PS4 controller’s touchpad. No one is stopping you from touching other places on these trapped ladies.

Expand the Academy

Players can upgrade Anberyl Girls Academy. By spending Omega Power, players can add buffing effects to the hotspring, to give an added bonus to characters before they enter a dungeon. They can also increase storage space for items brought back from dungeons, or gain the ability to take Omega Power into the dungeon.

Synthesize and Strengthen Items

Omega Power is used for many things in Omega Labyrinth Z. Upgrading weapons, defense items, and underwear is just one more use of it. Synthesizing equipment is a process of merging various items together, and it will have varying effects depending on which items you select. Merging two of the same item type will strengthen it’s attack or defense while combining two different items will result in creating gear which creates status effects for enemies.  There can be up to fours added effects for each piece of gear.

The original Omega Labyrinth capped equipment reinforcement at +10; however, Omega Labyrinth Z has a different cap for each item, some going up to +99. In addition to this, Pai can strengthen weapons even further, with the only thing holding her back is her strengthening limit. This limit can be increased by giving her “Pai Fruits” which can be purchased at the store.

Oppai Touch Anytime, Anywhere

Probably the feature that excites us the most in Omega Labyrinth Z in the ability to touch boobs all the time. Including the “Appraisals,” “Faint in Agony Awakenings,” and “Rescues,”  players can molest the characters breasts in dungeons, dialogue screens, menu screens, and really any time a character is displayed on the screen, thanks to the “Pai Touch Action” system. You don’t just get jiggling boobs from doing this, the characters will also react to your brazen behavior.

Omega Labyrinth Z is set to release in Japan on July 6th. Like its predecessor, there have been no official plans for a western release. Even the Asia version only has Chinese subs. If anything changes on this front, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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