Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

Harem Collector v0.28.7 makes for NoMoshing’s 28th release of his comedy hentai game. This release features a promotion ceremony to the Banneret rank.

Harem Collector, NoMoshing and Bad Kitty Games’ zany slave collecting RPG, continues with its development. This year has seen the introduction of a group vacation, the completion of the party member roster, and the beginning of a retrofitting of the game with new 2D drawn artwork. This new update centers around the Hero’s promotion to the Bannaret rank, inducing a promotion ceremony and the first mission requiring the Bannaret rank. This rank system refers to the requirement by the game’s adventurers guild of a certain number of completed quests before a member can take on higher or more complex missions. In the game, such ceremonies are normally excuse for the player to get hammered and hit on the guild master’s daughter.

The game’s save system has also be revamped using the Yanfly system with auto-saves as one of the notable new editions. Less apparent on the front head is the inclusion of an in-game item glossary, no doubt to include comedic descriptions of some of the game’s items.

Included below is the changelog for Harem Collector v0.28.7.

– We’re now offering a new “lite version” download that will allow you to update your game if you’ve previously downloaded the full version! – New Banneret ceremony for those of you with a massive amount of fame (may require completing a few tournaments), which will include it’s own scenes with a certain well known character. – A new quest requiring the banneret rank, where you will find out what’s really going on with the elves! – New faceset and artwork for Nerys done by the new artist SacB0y! – Yeon’s facesets have been changed to more accurately reflect her appearance – New custom icons for a whole bunch of statuses, including new health, mana, and momentum icons done by Kumiho! – Stun, Knockdown, Sleep, and Paralysis have been changed to reduce chance of stun-locking on both the player and enemy side of things, while still possible players are advised to not rely solely on such strategies. – The Save system has now switched to the Yanfly system showing more information on your save files in addition to a new 50 save file limit. Old save files can still be loaded but new save files will not be able to be transferred to old versions of the game. – A brand new auto-save feature with its own save file that should help prevent full game resets for people who don’t save often. – A new encyclopedia system that will tell you what various special equipment can do, ask Kyrie about ‘research’ to learn more! – New Party banter between Therese x Diadira and Yeon x Yamamaya! – Heartbeat Panic has had it’s chance to give extra actions reduced, but the bug where two-part skills (such as Kyrie’s Burning Blizzard or Raina’s Beatdown) count as two actions instead of 1 has been fixed. – Due to issues many players have had with severe lag (sometimes stopping the game from updating the visuals entirely) the ability to turn the rain animation on/off has been added to the options menu. While the game will still act as if it is raining the animation itself will not play. Instead, players will have to rely on the sound of rain when outside to determine if it’s raining. – A BUNCH of bug fixes.

Next release, the team has plans to complete two unfinished quests, Cannibal Corps and Blow Job, and a new side quest based around the submissive MILF Serade. However, more exciting is the future addition of content promised from the results of the latest Iron Waifu contest. The Iron Waifu contest is a yearly contest held on the Bad Kitty forums that pits the various girls from the game in a popularity contest with the winner promised a release focused around them. This year, the tsundere Alina was the winner, and will be receiving her love quest. Last year’s winner was the paladin Therese, who promptly received her love quest.

Harem Collector v0.28.7 can be downloaded from Bad Kitty Games’ blog . Fans eager to see the 2D overhaul progress less slowly can support the game over at the team’s Patreon.

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