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Princess Serena ~Raid of Demon Legion~ hits Steam Greenlight, bringing cute cosplay outfits and RPG Maker goodness.

In recent days, there have been a lot of lewd titles popping up on Steam. From the “obviously porn game” Dragonia to the more subtle yuri title, School of Magic for Girls, you have a lot of choices for getting your rocks off. Today, we look at an RPG Maker title from Dieselmine’s Workshop, Princess Serena ~Raid of Demon Legion~. It recently popped up on Greenlight in hopes of some “yes” votes.

The story for this game revolves around a shut-in, Princess Serena. One day, her kingdom is attacked by demons. An angel appears and tells Serena that she is the world’s only hope, so she sets off on an epic journey with some friends. From the screenshots, Princess Serena ~Raid of Demon Legion~ seems to involve a fair amount of costume changing, and Dieselmine’s Workshop boasts about having 41 different event CGs. Also, the trailer starts off with some images that imply further explicit material.

Here’s more on the characters:


The princess of Brazia kingdom.

She is interested in knowing the world. when the legion attacked the kingdom, she chose to protect the world with the angel.Serena doesn’t know anything about this world she is naive and easy to fool. But there is a strong power of Brazia family hidden inside of her.


An infamous female pirate who is seeking the treasure around the world.

Masculine personality makes the follower worship on her.

She believes the existence of legendary treasure, and this is the true purpose of her.


One of the mage apprentice who lives in the biggest magic city 「Majir」. and has great power in her, friends will be the key to help her figure out how to use it.

As you’ve probably noticed, the translation on this is pretty rocky. If you’d like to mention it to the team or just give Princess Serena ~Raid of Demon Legion~ a vote, you can do either on its Greenlight page. If all goes well for this title, we can expect to see it available for Windows platforms.

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