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We’ve got some bittersweet news as Compile Heart launched a website for their upcoming RPG Genkai Tokki: Castle Panzers. While the website offers some more details about the story, along with some ecchi screenshots, we still don’t have word on a possible Western release for any games from this series.

Compile Heart has launched a website for the upcoming RPG Genkai Tokki: Castle Panzers. Now that we’ve got an official website, we finally have some juicy details on the characters and the game’s story. The story revolves around a princess who barely escapes a coup d’etat. Upon her escape, she meets the protagonist and they quickly find themselves surrounded by monsters. A mysterious voice reaches out to him and grants him the power to fight off his enemies for a price; he must sacrifice his libido and collect underwear.

Here are some further details on the story and characters (translation provided by Gematsu).

Alex Ride

The protagonist.

Unaware that the princess is being chased, he shelters her, and in the mysterious ruins where they took refuge, falls down and a strange device gets stuck to his crotch. Furthermore, he could not leave from those ruins, and he is often exiled as he is someone who runs into trouble.

He is naturally kind and does not like conflict, and though his spirit is weak, he has the courage to oppose irrational evil, and what is important is that he is steadfast in his will.

For that reason, he will say powerful, good things when he gets angry, which he extremely regrets after some time passes and he calms down.

Iris Lane Galestia

The Imperial princess. Daughter of a nobleman.

She has a kind personality, sociable manners, and is very popular among her people. However, because of her position as royalty, she does not know the world very well. She does not even know about the existence of money.

She also does not know about the existence of “bad people,” and was considerably shocked when she witnessed someone with animosity towards the royal family during the coup d’etat.

Because he provided her shelter, she feels extremely responsible for Alex, who has become very important to her.


One of the princess’ followers. The princess’ bodyguard. As her princess-first principle, she will not hesitate to sacrifice her life for the princess. There are also times when she takes things to far.

Although she is self-aware, she will also not hesitate to take on the burden of undesirable tasks if it is for the princess. She blames herself for letting the princess fight in the initial battle to the point where she could even commit seppuku. When the princess is not involved, she is a level, calm, helpful, and reliable older sister-type.


A girl who lives in a Monster Girl settlement. She is as soft-mannered as she is calm.

However, in reality she has an elusive personality and you can not be sure of what she is thinking. She sometimes suggests strange gags and pulls pranks, and has a playful personality. She is a considerable gourmet who has an extraordinary obsession with eating.

Each time she visits a new town on her journey, she checks the specialties and meals from famous shops in advance and makes sure to drop in.

You can visit Genkai Tokki: Castle Panzers’ website to check out some screenshots and the teaser trailer that was launched back in March. There hasn’t yet been any information added regarding the gameplay, launch date, or other details. For now, all we know is that it’s set to release in Japan for the PlayStation 4 sometime in 2017.

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