Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

Kingdom of Deception got its first public release this week. It is the first project by Hreinn Games since Noxian Nights, and features orcs and politics.

Since the conclusion of Noxian Nights, one of the rare large-scale RPG Maker games to have reached its conclusion, many had been waiting for Kingdom of Deception, the promised follow-up by Hreinn Games. Hreinn Games consists of two members: writer and programmer Sierra Lee and artist Nomo. Noxian Nights was an adventure game where players took control of various champions from League of Legends and went on an erotic tinged fantasy adventure.

Meanwhile, Kingdom of Deception is its own original IP. It follows a battle-hardened warrior princess as she fights and backstabs her way on a path of vengeance against her stepsister. In this case, it’s because said sibling prepared an ambush for her. Now trapped as a near slave to orcs, she must play the various orc chieftains against one another in order to regain her strength, and eventually take back the throne.

Unlike the team’s previous game, rather than using RPG Maker as an engine, Kingdom of Deception is being made using Ren’Py. Ren’Py, as an engine, is better designed for character conversations then RPG Maker, but is more difficult to integrate a robust combat system. The dev team has confirmed that this was a choice made to emphasize the political and character-based elements of the game. This is demonstrated in the following statement by Sierra Lee, from our own interview with her back in January:

“That’s right, we’re using Ren’Py. Though the game will have combat and RPG elements, we wanted to put more of the focus on player decisions and broader strategy.”

Players click around an interactive map, speaking to the residents of the various huts and hovels and trying to collect items and abilities needed to gain political support. Sexual content comes in the form of working certain jobs such as prostitutions, bad ends, and story events. Common content includes the standard anal, oral, vaginal array but also drugging, massive cocks, monster sex, breeding, and yuri.

The first public release of the game, labeled as 0.1.2, only extends to the end of the first trial sequence; however, this provides about an hour or two’s worth of content within the first release.

Players interested in trying Kingdom of Deception can find the game by scooting down to the Hreinn Games Patreon page. Alternatively, you can find the game on the team’s blog . Fans of Nomo’s art can find his Hentai Foundry here , and fans of Sierra Lee’s writing can find her Patreon here.

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