You will never be the same again

Camelot, an erotic RPG by ShadowPortal, invites players to take the role of King Arthur and put your sword in the stone of babes; including sexy Merlin.

King Arthur. Hero of the island of Britania, once and future king, and now hentai-game protagonist. A team called Shadow Portal, which apparently operates out of the Russian-speaking world, has been working on an RPG entitled Camelot, where the mythical king swings his mighty sword both literally and figuratively at monsters, girls, and monster girls.

The game loosely follows the King Arthur story, with a wizard named Merlin being tasked with the care of the future king; however, befitting the genre that this is taking place in, Merlin is a sexy redhead with a thing for dominance. Also in this variation of the classic tale, she goes out of her way to create various mermaids and non-human women. Players are given a choice between playing the game heroically or villainously and can be a “bastard with a lusty mind, or to be an epic knight in the shining armor!”

The game also features some type of romance system where players pick their main squeeze from a selection of girls, including noblewomen, the aforementioned female Merlin, village girls, and a traveling merchant.

The team for the game includes two artists (ZOObastik and BrokenButAlive), a composer (Andrias Bartlet), a programmer (Arthur), a writer (JokeWar), and a translator responsible for releasing the English version of the game (Van-Tuz). The game is made in the RPG Maker MV engine, and the artwork consists of hand-drawn character portraits and sex CGs.

A selection of the romance-able girls can be seen below:


Hot and passionate sorcerer. She seen a lot of things and made some powerful enemies. No one knows where lies the limits of her power and sometimes it looks like there aren’t any. Her life became quite boring and monotone until the meeting with our hero. How would her life change with Arthur nearby?Traits: Sorcerer, sexy, likes dominating, lazy, experienced.


Priest’s daughter, Felicia’s best friend. Very hot and attractive yet cheeky girl. Maeve was always popular among the boys and that very worried her father. Despite her religious education she likes being lewd and always ready to use her woman’s charm to achieve her goals.Traits: Cunning, slut, nymphomaniac, religious.


Felicia is gorgeous lady of noble blood and manners from a rich family. She believes in miracles and true love until the end but is it what our hero has planned for her?Traits: Noble, kind, believes in true love, virgin.


Former slave, now she is a wandering trader. After years of traveling she started to miss her master’s iron hand. Her hidden desires are ready to be uncovered by our hero.Traits: exhibitionist, nymphomaniac, submissive.


Pretty girl with a scar on her face that she tries to hide as well as her past. She moved into the village to start from a clean sheet. She has no one to rely on and she always counted only on herself… until she met our hero.Traits: Big chest, scar on the face, calm, physically tough.

Camelot is the current working project of the Shadow Portal team. If you would like to donate to the creators or would like to download the latest build of the game, you can do so at their Patreon . The team also has a development blog that you can find here.

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