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Cultivate Your Garden and Monster Girls in Monster Girl Garden

NoxDev of the Noxious Games together with a small team of indie developers is creating Monster Girl Garden, an erotic game in which you breed, train and fight using monsters girls all the while cultivating a sprawling garden.

The first entry of Noxious Games into the world of eroge is a 3D simulator, RPG and management game going by name Monster Girl Garden. In this new, debut title, the player is tasked with maintaining and growing a garden that attracts monster girls. As you grow and modify your garden, you attract more and varied female monsters, which you can later use for breeding and battling purposes.

Of course, erotic elements will play a big part in the game as sex scenes with the monster girls will be fully animated and more will be added as the development goes forward. All the monster girls will have a lust meter steadily going up over time and eventually it will have to be taken care of, by any means necessary. Surely enough, if the girls won’t find a willing partner soon enough, they will have force themselves on others to get what they want. Each monster girl will have several different sexy outfits to unlock as the player progresses through the game.

In the game’s next public update, scheduled to come out sometime around the middle of June of this year, the developer plans to add a Battle Arena feature encouraging players to breed stronger and more vicious monster girls.

The next big feature is the Battle Arena. This will add playability and give players more of a reason to selective breed strong monsters. If you’ve ever played Monster Rancher 2, the system will work a bit like that. The player will have a Trainer Rank, which will dictate the level of single battles or tournaments they can enter. This will increase if you beat a special tournament, allowing you to fight harder monsters. Trainer Rank could also be tied to unlocking certain monsters, and battles/ tournaments won could be a breeding requirement, or a requirement for an alternate skin for certain monsters.

Be sure to check out a few sample screenshots from the game below:

The current PC version of Monster Girl Garden can be downloaded here on the developer’s page. If you like growing your own garden with monster girls and would like to help the developer grow in the same way, you can now also donate to his Patreon. For progress updates on Monster Girl Garden and the developer’s other projects be sure to also follow his development blog.

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