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Zero G Academy by NOCE is a Ren’py erotic visual novel about a human student taken to an intergalactic academy filled with busty multi-colored alien babes.

The tale of a space-faring human adventurer getting his way with a great variety of alien girls of all shapes and sizes has held a spot in the public consciousness since the days before Kirk. Zero G Academy, a new visual novel by a team led by the developer NOCE, combines that basic premise with the always popular setting of a high school to give us a high school in space. The game is being developed with Ren’py, the engine du jour for developers new to the visual novel medium. As of the present, the game only has a Windows release, and it is unknown when or if the team plans on releasing a version for Mac or Linux.

The plot of the game is about a intelligent human who transfers to the titular Zero G Academy, one of the most prestigious institutions in the galaxy. However, there is rampant prejudice against humans at this school due to the fact that humans are scrawny — especially the protagonist. The plot has also introduced a number of fellow students and faculty who are attractive alien women of all shapes and sizes (and one guy). How the main character will put his dick into them or if he will manage to do so remains to be seen.

Zero G Academy is still on its first demo release — which at present features only one sex scene. The sex scenes are presented through a series of image variations with little dialogue, but with large numbers of image variations. On the team’s Patreon is a list of some of the fetishes they plan to include in  future versions of the game:

Incest M/S Milf Voyeurism Impregnation Gender Bender Vanilla M/F Vanilla M/M Anal Group MM/F & FF/M Trap Futa Public Sex Doctor Toys Muscle Girl Exhibitionism Orgy Tentacles

The game itself is being made by a four person team consisting of NOCE as lead developer and writer. Angryfreeman is lead coder. Rat-Time is handling much of the art and design. Black Sense is the final team member, working as a colorist.

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The current build of Zero G Academy was released on NOCE’s Patreon. If you have an interest in supporting the game’s development you can donate to them at the previous link as well. As of yet, there is no word how frequent releases for the game are planned to be.

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