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A lot of us like delicious flat chests (I myself am a permanent member of the itty bitty titty committee), and thankfully, Ammolite has supplied us with titles to quench our thirst. First with the fantastic Sweet Sweat in Summer and now with Sweet Young Bride ~Our Married Life Begins~, a kinetic visual novel that has landed on Western shores thanks to Mangagamer.

Sweet Young Bride is, like its predecessor, a nukige, and isn’t shy about it. This title focuses a lot more on the sex than story. While it has a plot, it is nothing more than a setup to have a lot of sex happen. Not that I am complaining, but Sweet Sweat in Summer had me hooked with intrigue in such a fantastic manner that is hard to match; however, I felt rather disappointed by the seeming lazy way of writing and lack of depth, knowing that Ammolite can do better. Make no mistake: as a nukige, Sweet Young Bride does its job exceptionally well. There is no lack of sexual content, and as such, it took me longer to finish the game, because a small break between sex scenes was definitely required.

It all starts in a country (presumably Japan) that is apparently struggling with a very low birth rate, much like how Japan actually is. The government implemented a “Citizen Organisation Numbers” initiative. The initiative assigns brides to the “elite” population, based on personal data mined and calculated by a supercomputer to make the perfect match. This program, known as the “Government-Sponsored Marriage Program,” is made to fight the declining birth rate and control the population. The government forces elite people to get suitable wives and procreate or they will “punish” them.

In Sweet Young Bride, you play as Kouta Misawa, an average guy with a non-descriptive job, no elite to any extent. You didn’t finish college and jerk it to porn games featuring flat-chested heroines on a daily basis. Because you are do not belong to the elite, you are not eligible for the Government-Sponsored Marriage Program and are pretty much devoid of romantic life, just like most of the people who are not eligible. All the good girls are taken by the elite via the program and it leaves the normal people to fend for themselves. Lamenting this, you wish out loud for a cute flat-chested girl to be your wife, and what do you know? Immediately afterward, you hear knocking on the door. There are a couple of men-in-black with dark sunglasses taking you away against your will in accordance to the Government-Sponsored Marriage Program to meet your assigned bride.

You arrive in a hotel and meet a young girl, mistaking her for the daughter of your bride; however, when she nervously asks you to marry her, it is made clear that she is the assigned bride. You accept her proposal without thinking straight and are hastened to sign the papers and follow the whole ceremony of marriage. Now that you are married to the sweet, very young-looking girl named Hazuki Izayoi, you immediately dive on in to fuck her at any given opportunity. The agents gave you an envelope containing documents that need to be looked through, which you conveniently forget about. Fully entranced by the happenstance that your wish came true, you forget about everything else. Although you become slightly paranoid about Hazuki’s origins and if she is really in love with you or not.

The main problem of Sweet Young Bride is the writing. It is very simple and does its job for a nukige, but is often so repetitious that it feels lazy. It’s not just limited to sex scenes, where the game constantly reminds you that she is “young” and has “hairless lips”, as even between those scenes does the game state how happy you are with such a perfect, petite wife. After a while, it just becomes tiring. A lack of a real in-depth plot can make it almost a chore to go through all the dialog boxes. That disappointed me quite a lot when comparing it to Sweet Sweat in Summer. On one occasion, I saw a continuity error involving clothing where it is said Kouta puts on a yukata, but he is shown in an ordinary polo shirt ready to be worn by a math teacher. On the other hand, I have counted almost no errors in the text, save for a minor few that you can easily read over. Overall, MangaGamer did a great job of translating and editing.

The strongest point of Sweet Young Bride is the main girl, Hazuki. She looks extremely petite with a flat chest, a sweet face and womanly figure. Her sprite and CGs are perfect to get your blood flowing and go for a wank. The CGs offer diverse positions and situations where Hazuki gets fucked. If it wasn’t for that fact, there wouldn’t have been much to the game at all, since the backdrops are dull and very stock. Hazuki, as the only sprite in existence in this game, saves the graphical department by being incredibly erotic in the sex scenes. Her soft look, inverted nipples and overall innocent look make her the perfect target to defile.

On the visual side of things, Sweet Young Bride is displayed in 4:3 ratio and can not be changed, as much like the case with a lot of Japanese VNs, and just like its predecessor, it censors genitalia with mosaics. As for the music, most of the tracks are exactly the same as in Sweet Sweat in Summer, save for maybe two or three tracks, but none of them stand out enough to be noteworthy anyway. It is there just to fill the void and prevent total silence, though they are appropriate for the scenes in which they are played. As for the sound effects, they are your usual shlick and slurp sounds expected of a Japanese eroge. Sounds quite strange for the Western audience (including myself), but it doesn’t detract from the eros of the sex scenes in Sweet Young Bride.

As is usual in a lot of Japanese VNs, the voice acting is the best part of the sound department. Hazuki is the only voiced character and is voiced as softly and innocently as she looks. Her voice actress did well to match the character and does not fail to convince you she really is as sweet as she appears to be. It is not the best voice acting I’ve heard in a visual novel, but it matches that of Ammolite’s other title.

Sweet Young Bride is an okay VN that succeeds as a nukige first and foremost. You will get hard and will have plenty of moments to masturbate to. No complaints there, though you might get depressed knowing you will never get such a perfect bride yourself. I finished the game after about five hours and did not feel as particularly satisfied as I did with Sweet Sweat in Summer. It is as incredibly erotic as its predecessor, minus the missing anal (god dammit!), but the game makes up for it with plenty of watersports. Sadly, it has no plot to really hook you in. If you have not played Sweet Sweat in Summer, I would recommend that title before Sweet Young Bride, since they are both 15 dollars at MangaGamer and this title is a lot shorter. If you just want more sexy goodness, then this title will suit your needs.

As stated, Sweet Young Bride can be purchased for $15.00 on MangaGamer.


  • Great sex scenes
  • Nice art
  • Good voice acting


  • Lazily written
  • Short for its pricepoint
  • Weak plot
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Writing
  • Sound
  • Art and Graphics


Hazuki is a lewd girl that likes to have sex as much as you do. She doesn’t like to be embarrassed, but it turns her on regardless. Public sex, blowjobs and plenty of vanilla sex can be expected.

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