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When Days Rewind Vol. 2 Kickstarter Campaign Launched

Push Publication has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the second volume of their original English adult light novel When Days Rewind.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign for the first volume of their adult light novel When Days Rewind, publisher Push Publication has launched a Kickstarter for the second volume of the series. The campaign is currently sitting at $10,110 of its initial funding goal of $16,180. Stretch goals include a free special chapter involving Yurika, a 10+ page doujinshi involving Yurika and Sachi, plus an extra illustration of Senji. Funding will go towards all aspects of the creation and release of Volume 2.

For your reading pleasure, below you will find character bios, synopsis, and sample images from the light novel:



Sachi and Jun were childhood friends and neighbors since they were kids, they were separated when Jun moved out during their middle school. But now they are back together again in high school.  

It’s no secret that they are in love with each other, however neither of them have the courage to take the first step. So, Jun’s friend tried to help them along the way.  

But things didn’t go as planned, Sachi had problems at home and at work, while Jun had engaged in a forbidden relationship that would destroy him. Will they ever cross the obstacles ahead of them and finally reach one another?

About Second Volume: 

Will Sachi and Jun’s date go well? What will Yowaka do with Sachi? Is Senji trapped in a forbidden love with her student? How will Satoshi respond to Yurika?

Sample Images

You can find out more information about When Days Rewind on their Kickstarter page here. For those of you new to When Days Rewind, you can check out the first chapter of Volume 1 here , as well as purchase the first volume in a digital format for $5.41, or the paperback for $9.29. All illustrations will be uncensored.

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